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Outdoor Shutters – Types and Advantages

Outdoor shutters are prominent choices for old and country homes because they give you aesthetic appeal. These doors also offer you many benefits such as protect your home from harsh weather conditions, noise control, and security. These types of shutters are designed with strong materials, for example, aluminum, and steel. Since both these materials are durable, versatile, and protect your home from intruders.

Outdoor shutters can be operated manually or electrically. Electrical outdoor shutters are operated with the help of electric motor which works with electric power or solar energy. You can open and close the exterior shutters with the push of the button. Whereas, manual shutters are operated physically with the hands. These shutters are hard to operate because outdoor shutters are made with heavy and strong aluminum material.

Different types of outdoor shutters

You can install them at the entrance door or windows also. There are various types of outdoor shutters include manual, electric, louvered window shutters, and board and batten shutters.

Manual shutters-: Manual shutters are explained as traditional shutters that are operated with physical strength. You can operate these shutters with your hands which is a totally difficult task.

Electric shutters-: Electric shutters are operated with the push of the button. These electric shutters are worked with solar and electric power. You can install them either at doors, garages or windows. Nowadays, people lean toward this type because it gives them easy access feature.

Louvered window shutters-: These are valuable for outdoor windows or doors both because they are made with horizontal slats and blinds. Moreover, these shutters are useful for every type of homes and they give you a pleasant look.

Board and batten shutters-: These board and batten shutters are designed with the wooden slats that are attached with the horizontal crosspieces. These window shutters are useful for curved style windows and farm style homes.

Benefits of outdoors shutters


These exterior shutters are beneficial to secure your property from burglars. They are hard to break and install with hidden locks that are difficult to access for unauthorized users. Moreover, these are perfect to give an aesthetic look with a different type of styles and designs.

Protect from harsh weather conditions

These are useful to protect your home from harsh climate conditions such as snowfall, heavy rain, and fast breeze. You can simply install them at entrance doors and windows in order to protect your interiors. Moreover, these are useful to control temperature and natural light.