Is it important to get planning permission to install security roller shutters?

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Is it important to get planning permission to install security roller shutters?

It may be Yes or No.

 Installation of Roller shutters

Roller shutters installation helps in reducing the risk of burglary and chances of breaking someone into the premises. Some people might get confused about whether they can or cannot install shutters on the premises.

At ADV, we provide the top quality shutters and give the premium service from installation to shutter repair. The team will help you understand the rules and regulations to install shutters and get regular Roller shutter repair. The experts will give you simple guidelines regarding planning that makes everything much easier for you and getting roller shutter repair on time.


Permission from local authorities

Sometimes clients ask whether or not roller shutters installation needs planning permission; the answer is not that clear. Different local authorities will have different rules and regulations when it comes to getting the quality shutters for the premises.

Expert guidance will make the installation easier and effective. Before you plan to get ahead with the installation, get in touch with local authorities to see guidelines are in place, and it will affect the plans.


What about General guidelines?

There are some general guidelines that authorities need to take into account when it comes to getting the shop fronts. One of the main considerations is that the shutters help in increasing the aesthetic appeal of the entire place.

Most of the people prefer welcoming and attractive shop fronts when they want to get shutters for the business. At ADV, you can get the different types of shutters which include:

  • Rolling Grill shutters

The shutters are best for bars, restaurants, retail areas, property, and hotels.

  • Punched Hole shutters

The shutters are used for increasing visual access to make the shopfront secure against different conditions.

  • Solid Roller shutters

These shutters are best to keep the business, office, and other parts of the home safe & secure.

  • Perforated shutters

The shutters are perfect for installation in car parks, retail areas, and commercial property. The see-through design of the shutters will increase airflow and visibility of the entire place.

  • Polycarbonate shutters

These shutters are great for retail, supermarkets, urban conservation areas, and banking areas.

  • Industrial shutters

Ther installation is perfect for the garage, warehouses, hospitals, schools, or any other area which needs a high level of security.

The local council understands the need for increased security for commercial areas. Authorities want to maintain general appeal by selecting the best shutters for your place. If anything goes wrong it can negatively affect the security and security in the premises.


Industrial shutters and security grilles

Roller shutters are installed in the internal area and there comes the need of getting planning permission. If you don’t like the concept of internal shutters then you can get the external shutters for increased safety and security. So, their installation is great for increasing the security and safety of the entire premises which is not possible with any other option.


Historical and listed sites

If your shop is a historical property, the external changes cannot be done, and internal changes need to be reviewed.