Reasons Why Fire Doors Are Necessary in Every Building

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Reasons Why Fire Doors Are Necessary in Every Building

We already know that shutters are the best option for securing your premises. That is when we talk about the threat from burglars and vandals. It stands true for the ruthless weather conditions as well. But  what about the emergency situation that arises during a fire outbreak? Are you well secured against such eventuality? You can be, with the installation of a fire rated roller shutter. These shutters are manufactured especially for providing protection to the people against fire. They come equipped with various features which make them even better in coping up with the fire situation. Let’s take a look at their advantages-

  1. Fire fighting ability

These fire doors are the best fire-fighters after the fire brigade of course. They are produced in such a way that they are able to survive extremely high temperatures. Not only that, they have various features like alarm hooter and a warning message. These get activated when the fire outbreak occurs. The people get warned about the situation and prompt them to think fast. It also shuts off the area under fire by automatically shutting down the fire. This helps in curtailing the destruction and ensuring that the fire doesn’t spread further.

  1. Ward off the occupational hazard

It is an ideal feature to have in your building if you are dealing with occupations which call for the use of fire. It is a boon for hospitals and hotel kitchens. It also works well for the factories and manufacturing companies which commonly use fire for different purposes.

  1. Useful for every kind of need

The fire rated roller shutters can be installed practically anywhere –from entry gates to main doors. The doors come with a rating ranging from 1 to 4. This determines their fire fighting capacity. It is further helpful in helping the customer decide which rated door to install at which place according to the chances of fire hazard.

  1. Rigid and Robust

They present a more rugged and rigid shield than the normal shutters. Obviously, a material having resistance to a temperature above 1000 degree Celsius will certainly not be a frail one.

  1. High Durability

High stability, rigid composition, and great strength make it an asset. It is a highly durable asset as well.

  1. No hassle of maintenance

If you are looking for something which is durable as well as low on maintenance, then you just got your answer. After installation, you just need to check on its occasional wear and tear maintenance. No special tips are required.