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Repairing Rail and Stile

Let’s just assume, it’s a very hot day of spring, your shutter panels are all open and so are your windows so that some cool fresh air can enter your haven.

All of a sudden countless pieces of the shutter that were once supposed to be quite expensive which you had got specially designed for your loving home, lay scattered, all over the floor.

This kind of thing has happened in the past, also and again happened in the future. Stop blaming yourself!

What was likely to cause this kind of thing? There are a number of ways a shutter panel can be installed in a window opening.  it  When panels, shaped like this, outside panel carries the weight, in case of any panel whose construction has been done with utter care, should not face any problem.

There are two vertical members in Plantation Shutters, called Stiles, and another member called Rails. But, the way these both are joined is quite different from each other.

You might have noticed while disassembling the shutters, that stiles contain around 1/ 4-inch diameter holes. These are for the spline pins, giving support to splines in the shutter panel.

Many homeowners do not notice it in the first place and then they don’t know how to handle it

Repairing a Plantation Shutter that is not working properly requires some things to be kept in mind. In the first place, the panel should be taken out of the window and placed on a working surface, then square the panel with a framing square, then lock it to maintain squares, finally pre-drill holes and install screws through stile and rail. After placing two recessed screws at every corner (total 8 of them), or if you are not a do it yourself, kind of person then simply call the team of shutter repair in London.

Some pointers to keep in mind

  • The standard stile and rail construction requires dimensions as 5”, if the door over 1’9” in width and 2- 1/2”, in case of door being lesser than 1’9” width.
  • Fire rated stile and rail doors are also available in market
  • There is no pair matching available, on both stile and rail doors.

Let’s also have a look at some basis

  • Rails – They are the cross members of door, bottom rail, top rail, lock rail are also included.
  • Stiles – They are vertical outside members included in door.
  • Sticking – Panels and glass are fixed in place, because of sticking. ADV offers 4 standard profiles to their patrons.