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Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Basildon

Ensure Smooth Functioning of Shutters

It calls for spending a considerable amount of time as well. At ADV, we are committed to postponing or eliminating your expenses. As is already known, we specialize in roller shutter maintenance service. So allow our expert team to serve you in more than one ways. Send for us if you need shutter repair in Basildon.

Non-functional shutters: a grave threat

A non-functional shutter not only causes inconvenience but also poses a security threat to the users. Your loved ones are at risk in the domestic cases. Your employees and the vehicles in the vicinity are endangered if the shutters at your commercial enterprise have been damaged. This grave danger can be avoided by the intervention of ADV. Damaged shutters can be avoided by a periodic investigation by certified technicians. We will supply our experienced technicians to look into the finer details and locate the cause of the malfunction. Damaged motors, broken links, dysfunctional curtain end locks are the most common issues which lead to problems in roller shutters. Power failures are also a major factor triggering such conditions. No delay should be entertained in such conditions as waiting will only aggravate the problem and the hazard. Roller shutter repair is an absolute necessity and must be undertaken without any delay.

Our service schedule

Our service schedule

Generally, our customers book us for bi-annual or annual servicing. Some customers who use roller shutters very frequently summon our services every 6 months. A service entails full testing of all the components –electric motor, certain pieces, curtain end locks, wiring, safety breaks etc. At the end of the session, a detailed report is submitted to the customer. It contains all the details of the status and any future remedial measures if required. Such regular services not only help in ensuring a smooth operation but also prolonging the life of the shutters.


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