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Roller Shutter Types Explained

Roller shutters are considered as the best security system in different scenarios. Their installation on the premises whether it is industrial or domestic adds like an additional layer of security all over the place. In this guide we are going to explain in detail what are the different types of roller shutters available in the market.


All over the world whether it is a business owner or house owner, they all want something which increases the privacy and safety of their place. In such cases, one of the options which have become prominent is the roller shutters

Roller shutter is ideal in different ways for your place. You just need to make sure to call the professionals for service of installation to roller shutter repair because they make sure you get reliable service. Here we have shared the different types of shutters you can buy from ADV:

  • Commercial Roller shutter

A commercial roller shutter is a great choice for shops, offices, retail units, and health centers. Their installation on the premises is going to prevent the break-ins as they make all the entry and exit points very safe.

Moreover, people passing by will not be able to look inside. The shutters like a protective barrier because the material is very strong & durable.

  • Industrial roller shutter

Garages, warehouses, and factories need to have something effective at the entry and exit points. ADV shutters are made of exceptional material which is not easy to break. Moreover, our team makes sure the shutters are made according to the best industry standards.

  • Security window roller shutter

Not just the front door but all the windows need to be secure also. In that case, the shutters are also a popular choice. You can even get them customized to match the aesthetics of your place. The shutters are highly robust and serve as an anti-vandalism product to protect your property.

  • Fire safety roller shutters

Fire safety is another important concern for commercial buildings. With their installation in the building or house, the fire and smoke will be prevented from going out. The shutters act as a shield to the entire place against the smoke for one hour to four hours. Moreover, the shutters are tested against the fire standards which makes them perfect for your place.

  • Security grills

Security grills are another range available in different patterns and designs. Not only it serves the purpose of security but it also increases the visual appeal of the place. The security grills are strong metal bars that are strong and they are not easy to break. This way the unwanted access will be prevented and you can live & work without any worry.

To learn more about our range of quality shutters, give us a call or visit our team of experts to get detailed information.