Roller Shutters – Best Choice By Most Businesses To Ensure Better Security

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Roller Shutters – Best Choice By Most Businesses To Ensure Better Security

Roller shutters have become more of a necessity than an option. With the growing criminal incidents and rising security concerns, shutters have become a mandatory fixture for all types of buildings. They are necessary for our homes, shops, business enterprises, malls,clinics, and offices. They not only make our buildings secure but also grant a lot of other facilities which often go unnoticed. ADV Contractors provide the best roller shutters in the industry along with superb installation, maintenance, and post-sale service. We specialize in providing all services related to all aspects of security shutters. You may find many companies who offer the same services but ADV is at the top when you are talking about quality. Our esteemed clientele will vouch for it.

What advantages does a security shutter offer?

Primarily, the shutters provide optimum security. It presents a physical barrier which deters the outlaws and vandals alike. The strict locking system and sturdy material is often enough to make the thieves stop right in their tracks.

Electric shutter-what is new about it?

Electric shutters are the shutters which can be operated electrically. They might look expensive but the truth is that they are very well within the reach of the common customer. They offer convenience, ease of operation and less space occupation. So let’s take a detailed look at the bonus points we gain with the installation of a roller shutter-

1.Light on your pocket

They come at a reasonable price. Yes, it’s true that they seem to be expensive pieces but they are within a reasonable range.It is well within the financial reach of most of the clientele.


They are convenient to use as anyone and everyone can operate it.You just have to operate a switch and the shutter will open and close smoothly.

3. Saves space -As the roller shutters open up, their portion keeps getting folded upwards.As compared to an ordinary door, this feature lends it an edge as it doesn’t open sideways and occupy space.This feature is crucial at places where the floor space is less.

4. Security-Yes, that is the very reason you want it installed in the first place. But do you know that the shutters can provide security by covering up all the doors and windows which could act as access points to illegal entry? So you are basically buying peace of mind with this single feature.

5. Specialized protection-shutters of special types offer specific facilities of fire resistance and environmental control.You can opt for such shutters if you feel that your area is prone to such calamities. Fire shutters offer protection from the fire for a stipulated time period. It also comes equipped with auto-detection of fire and automatic closure of shutter in such cases. The timely intervention is of crucial help in preventing the spread of fire.

6. Drop dead looks-If you think that the shutters come with so much functionality but they might not be as good looking, think again. Our shutters look stunning,given the new surge of materials,finishes, and colors. They will leave you flabbergasted with their looks and functionality. Our role shutters offer a perfect combination of brains and beauty.