Safety Regulations for roller shutters in business

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Safety Regulations for roller shutters in business

Everything requires safety, even the machines you use for your own security. Thus it doesn’t come as a surprise when you need to ensure the proper functioning of your security shutters. Roller shutter’s safety should also be maintained by complying with the safety regulations of the authorities.  Good maintenance will lead to the durability of the product. It also works out to be cost effective if the shutters are maintained in a proper manner. Although a major part of the maintenance is done by the owner itself on a daily or weekly basis, the maintenance team and the servicing staff also have a major role to play in this. It is also essential to fix defects in the shutters as soon as possible.

Roller shutter safety regulations

As we all know, roller shutters are classified as machinery. This becomes all the more reason to maintain them as machinery is generally prone to wear and tear over time. Like any other device, they need some amount of care and maintenance. It is particularly true for the shutters which are used often or more than the usual frequency. The owner must inspect the roller shutter after a few intervals so as to keep a check on any problems which could well turn into a hazard later on.

Which regulations must be followed?

First and foremost, one should remember to carry out a routine check on the roller shutters to rule out any issue related to wear and tear. Once detected, they can be and must be fixed as soon as possible. One must have safety devices for detecting an obstruction if it occurs. But this measure should only be considered as a quick fix measure. The owner should call the repair team and get the door rectified as soon as possible. Any lapse on this part might lead to a hazardous situation. The repair work should be carried out on an emergency basis complete with all the fault analysis and repair. The door must be tested after the repair to ensure that the faults have been rectified and there are no further issues which could influence the functioning of the door. Sometimes, the trouble may not be hazardous in nature but may obstruct the efficient working of the shutter and deteriorate into a serious issue. It is in the best interest of the owner that he gets the trouble fixed, especially if he is involved in a commercial enterprise. Any inconvenience caused to the customers due to malfunctioning of the shutters is bound to influence his business.

The regular maintenance of the shutters includes regular check-ups and inspection. The aspects of regular lubrication and cleaning must not be ignored at any cost. The frequency of checkup must is in accordance with the frequency of use, the location and the guidelines specified by the manufacturer. The advice regarding the maintenance can also be sought when the customer buys the shutter, but one must remember that many aspects will be specific to your business.

It is also recommended that you maintain a log book which has the entries for the following details-

  1. Time and date on which the inspection was carried out
  2. Type of fault
  3. The steps carried out to rectify the problem
  4. The inspection results
  5. Details related to additions or upgradation , if any.   Replacements will also be recorded in this step.