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Security Accessories For Garage Roller Door

Our garages house a whole lot of vehicles and appliances which are of utmost value. They may also house your lawnmower, barbecue set, two-wheelers, other household appliances which play a significant role in your life. But we tend to overlook the loophole in the security when we leave these devices vulnerable to the intruders once we choose not to install shutters. We should keep in mind that we are endangering goods worth a fortune by making a wrong choice. Roller shutter installation in London comes across as a valuable asset which is absolutely essential in the modern times.

Revolutionary Protection

Going by the current trend, it is not difficult to deduce the fact that Roller garage repairs have brought about a revolutionary change in the world of security. They offer a rare combination of stylish looks, superb quality design and sturdy components which ensure you have trendy barriers in front of your home.

Additional features

The best thing about the shutters is that there is a wide variety of features to choose from according to your specific needs.

Remote chance of a burglary

The traditional versions of the shutters have a handle operated mechanism with locking system. The bad news is that such shutters are a soft target for the thieves as they have a convenient grip when trying to break in. This is not the case with the modern shutters, which come minus any handle, as they are operated by remote controls, so the chance of a convenient grip and subsequent intrusion are slim.In addition, they have a self-locking system and anti-lift mechanism.

Anti-Lift System

The anti-lift locking system ensures that there is no chance of lifting the shutter if a force is applied from below. Our shutters offer a high-quality mechanism which locks the door curtain to the barrel in an effective grip. The result-an effective deterrent to the outlaws.

Robust Guide Channels

As the guide channels are strong, someone trying to prise them will create a lot of noise and certainly be very time-consuming.Definitely a no-no for the intruders. Even a seasoned criminal will have a tough time dealing with the strong aluminium guide channels.

Alarm System

The devices come with an alarm system, which alerts the owners as soon as it senses an attempt of a forced entry.

Remote control with random codes

The previous versions of the remote operated roller shutters used to operate on a single code only, which was never changed. But their new counterparts use different codes each time it is operated. This prevents the burglars from using a code capturing device to gain unauthorized entry.

All in all, modern roller shutters are worth the money as they offer protection and privacy benefits with the modern edge.