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Security Features to Follow in order to prevent crime in London

If you have not heard about moped crime, then we would like to tell you that it is rampant in London and you need to be careful with it. These crimes are highly violent, often accompanied by acid attacks and hammer smashing. These are targeted at snatching mobiles, stealing scooters and getting away with Moped. Jewellery, laptops, or any other goods that can be grabbed from the display windows. Most of these crimes are committed by people on mopeds who get away quickly after committing the crime. These two-wheelers enable the criminals to make their way through areas with high traffic and narrow roads, where police cars fail to follow them. ADV, the leading company which offers sale and Roller shutter repair has some recommendations for preventing you from becoming a soft target of such activities. We offer shutter repair within minimum time as we understand the value of time and the need to secure the premises of a commercial outlet.

Security Measures to Prevent Moped Crime 

Sure, as a shopkeeper you would like to display your products attractively in the display window. However, it can attract the attention of the devils as well. So here are a few tips to prevent becoming a target of moped crime.

  1. Secure Shop Front Glass

Using Security glass will greatly reduce the chances of a break-in. shattering a safety glass is a tough job. As the panels have penetration-resistant films that prevent entry even if the glass breaks.

  1. Shop Front Bollards

Installing metal or concrete bollards will deter the vehicles from penetrating the shop fronts by shattering the glass you could opt for plain concrete ones at regular intervals or more aesthetic designs could be used. However, one must note that bollards can prevent vehicles from smashing the glass; they will not be able to prevent crimes committed using hand-held weapons.

  1. Roller shutters 

Roller shutters made of Aluminium or steel excellent for securing yourself against all kinds of attacks. Any attempt to penetrate it will be met with failure. You can also lock the Shutters to the bottom rail to increase your security. Undoubtedly, roller shutters are the best way to protect your premises. They can even double up as advertising space during the after-hours.

  1. Door and window frames

Choose your window frames carefully and you will never repent your decision. Using security-rated frames will make your doors and windows more resistant to breakage. Moving high-value goods away from display windows will also be good. Keeping them locked safe will also increase your safety.