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Winter Woes For Your Doors

Winter is just around the corner. It has made its presence felt in some areas of the world and some have yet to experience the frigid wave. Temperatures may reach a freezing point or even dip up to -12 in some areas of the world.

But whichever weather it may be, there is never ever a convenient time to come to know that your doors are not in a proper working condition. Like all other things, winter wreaks havoc on our doors too. They might buckle up under the extreme cold winds and sub-zero temperatures.

Our doors are more susceptible to faults in winters, but they may show a problem at any time of the year. We can postpone a total breakdown of our security layer by maintaining it properly throughout the year by regularly checking for faults and points of repair. If you are the owner of a commercial enterprise, then it is your duty to make sure that the hardware of supreme quality is installed. It is crucial for the safety of your staff. A lack of awareness or care could lead to serious repercussions and pose a safety hazard. A DIY check-up is always a wise step. A regular routine check will ensure that the faults are fixed before they transform into something serious and hazardous.

But if something serious crops up, you must contact our expert team immediately. Shop Front Repair In Durham will be aptly handled by ADV. So it’s best to contact us if Shop Front Maintenance In Durham is what you need.

How to check your doors-

First of all, inspect the door visually. You should be able to ascertain free running condition and security of the hardware. Look carefully at the condition of the horizontal and vertical tracks. Lubrication of the shaft bearing and adjusting the counterbalance of the springs comes next. Check the alignment of the lock and the door. It is very important to check the locking mechanism of the door. Finally, a thorough check of the pulley and hinge fixings should be done after inspecting the electric operator and ancillary controls.

Maintenance with ADV

Definitely, any serious issue will best be tackled by our expert team. We are available on a call 24*7.Our emergency staffers are on standby all time. In case you are wondering that what kind of problems we will be fixing, we would proudly like to declare that we cover all types of repair on all types of doors. So stay calm and rest assured that we will tackle the situation, whatever the type of door or problem may be. All kinds of sliding, folding and swinging automatic doors can be handled by us. We also deal with swing and sliding manual doors. Ditto for Roller, sectional and rapid rise industrial doors. We even take care of Access control systems. Automatic gates and barrier repair are also undertaken by us. Our team is fully dedicated to providing the best after-sale service as we believe in forging a lifelong relationship with our customers. So don’t hit the panic button when your door starts troubling you, just dial our number instead.