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Affordable Cost Roller Shutter Maintenance & Repair in Oxfordshire

Speed Kills, But Not In This Case

Speed kills but sometimes it acts as a saviour. If you have often come across your employees ruing the fact that a lot of time is being spent on moving equipment or goods in or out of the building, think again. Have you got the right kind of roller shutters in your building? If air leakage is also an issue in your building, then the answer lies in installing high-speed roller shutters. At ADV, we offer the services of roller shutter installation of any kind. So summon our team if you want to get a high-speed roller shutter installed. A brief overview of high-speed roller shutters will definitely overawe you.

Dynamic and colourful

They operate at a high speed and offer a lot of other advantages such as customized size, and a wide range of colours. They will add a spark to your building with their dynamic speed and splash of colours.

Ideal for high traffic flow

They are just right for the places where high traffic inflow or outflow is expected. Shopping malls and airports need just these kinds of roller shutters. A slow speed shutter can highly influence the speed of the passenger flow and give rise to grave security and hygiene concerns at other places too.

Internal use

In addition to being highly useful in the industrial sector, they can be used in the internal parts of the building such as freezer rooms or clean rooms. They help in maintaining an ideal temperature and optimum hygiene. They are also highly resistant to high winds.

Maintenance of temperature

Maintenance of temperature

Whether you are heating up the building or cooling it, the high-speed roller shutters have a crucial part to play in the maintenance of the internal temperature. As the doors open for the minimum time possible, the intrinsic temperature of the building is maintained. This leads to low electricity bills.

Long lasting security

The roller shutters are durable and offer long-lasting security. It also keeps airborne pollution at bay. The work environment is quieter thus makes the employees more efficient.

ADV and shutter repair

ADV and shutter repair

We also cater to roller shutter repair. If you are looking for shutter repair in Oxfordshire, then ADV is your dream team to help you out.