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Structural Glazing : Explained

Every business owner wants something modern and unique which helps in enhancing the aesthetic appearance of the business. One such option which is in very high demand is structural glazing. This option is very effective for the structural property in different ways which we are going to explain in this topic.

Glass facades are an essential part of modern architecture. With the glass curtain wall construction, proper balance is kept between the energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The latest method is the curtain walling is well suited with the glazing technology for windows. With the structural glazing, the window’s performance is improved and best option for energy rating. So, the addition of a curtain walling system is something that every business owner needs to focus upon.

Structural Glazing system

The structural glazing system is the simplest and one of the types of curtain wall which has glass bonded or anchored to the structure without the need of using the aluminum pressure plates or caps. The glass is made of laminated, dual-glazed, monolithic or insulating glass units that are triple-glazed.

What is the need to opt for a structural glazing system?

You might think about why you need to get a structural glazing system. They help in giving a transparent look as compared to the traditional captured system. The visual interruptions are less because the exterior has less metal and with a continuous glass look, it gives a seamless view.

Different types of Structural Glazing System

Stick-built structural glazing system

This option is the oldest and conventional type which is assembled with similar components of the captured system. The glazing system will have toggle fastened or silicone at the site place which depends on the manufacturer system.

Apart from there is silicone gasket seal, moisture and air control which is achieved by pressure equalization. The systems are used with low-rise projects which cover around 15,00sq feet where labor is not expensive and projects which are of low value.

Unitized structural glazing system

This system is pre-assembled and in this system, different glazing systems are combined into a single unit within a quality shop environment. The exterior appearance with these systems gets better and it also helps in addressing the weather conditions.

The units will have anchors which are glazed into the unit frame. The best part is that this system is very effective in managing the movement along with the additional capacity of the anchors.

Point supported glass systems

If you want something completely transparent then this option is perfect for you. They can be customized so that you can fit them in any frame. Glass is held at a specific time by using stainless steel which helps in transferring wind load back and deadlock to the structure.

Talk to the experts to know which system will suit your place the best.