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The Classic Wooden Shutters: Maintenance Guide

Tilt Rod kits

The tilt Rod replacement kits are the answer when you want to replace wood plantation shutters. But these kits will not be useful when you need to replace shutters made of vinyl or plastic. The main concern here lies in the fact that that there is no standard size which can suit all the customers. This problem arises due to the fact that different manufacturers have different dimensions. But you needn’t get hassled. It is just a question of a few measurements and you will have tilt rods according to your choice. You can even send the old tilt rod to us and we will do everything that remains, including the measurements. We are famous for providing Wooden shutters in London.

Measurement Thumb Rules

Measurement Thumb Rules


The length of the rod is determined by measuring it from top to bottom.


Width is measured using a paper and pencil. The paper is placed under the tilt rod and the left and the right edges are marked on the paper. Yet another method is employed using a measuring tape. The tape is placed behind the tilt rod and subsequently the measurement is done.


The depth of the rod should be measured carefully. Care should be taken to take the measurement from the back of the tilt rod till the top of the curve on the front.

The distance between the top and the centre of the first staple-

The distance should be measured from the top of the tilt rod to the centre of the first staple.

Distance on centre –This measurement is the topic of many queries. It is defined as the distance between the two staples. This can be measured by measuring the distance of the centre of any staple from the centre of the adjacent staple.

Finish with the finish-You can choose from two available finishes available. It can be manifested in either Raw Wood or Primed finish. If your wood is stained, we advise that you go for raw wood in that case .We will supply raw wood to you. It will also enable you to test the stain before applying it to the tilt rod. If the paint is intact, we will provide a primer coating facility without any charges. Many people confuse primer with paint but it is actually not so. It should be noted that primer is applied to provide protection to wood and give it a smooth finish. We provide the perfect finish for Wooden doors in London.


The ends may either be rounded or flat according to your choice. Some customers also demand a rounded top and a flat bottom.

Louvers and the tilt rod

The number of louvers attached to your present tilt rod should be specified. We will check whether it can be done with the new tilt rod, keeping the measurements in mind. We will let you know if it will be possible or not before processing your order.