The Key Features of Timber Portcullis Doors

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The Key Features of Timber Portcullis Doors

When the doors have been designed for security, it is desirable that the door is made from aluminium or steel. It also must meet the accredited standards. But some projects require neither an accreditation nor a metal door. We are referring to the timber products which are an integral part of the Portcullis range. We provide wooden shopfronts in London. We will now throw light on how they live up to the high standards.

Enduring and long lasting

Timber Portcullis doors have been used for security purposes in the social housing sector for quite some time now. The low maintenance range provides reliable security. It is not a surprise that it proves to be a good investment, given the fact that it has been designed in CAD software and produced using CNC machinery. The doors and frames are made up of Sapele, a hardwood from mahogany family. Sapele offers durability, endurance, and stability. At the end of the manufacturing process, sanding and finishing are done to lend it a graceful appearance. It is a good move to use wood as it is more environment-friendly than using steel or aluminium. A certified hardwood also provides reassurance that the project will be sustainable. Many glazing options are available which include laminated glass and polycarbonate. Contact our team if you want timber shopfronts installation at your site.

 The hardware constituents

The Portcullis doors are fitted with ironmongery which ensures maximum safety. The T-bar ,the hinge and the round bar handle along with a push plate are all made of stainless steel. The kick plate is also made up of stainless steel. It covers the doors bottom rail to ensure maximum protection. While the screws are made up of ironmongery, pellets are used to conceal the frame fixings. Door closers and electric strikes of reputed companies are used. Automatic door openers can also be used with these doors.



We provide all the necessary instructions to ensure that the doors render excellent performance throughout their life. If proper maintenance is undertaken, the chances of faults occurring will be very low. Any chances of closers, hinges and locks malfunctioning will be minimum in case of proper maintenance. In case of any problem which will be very rare, our team is at your disposal. Just contact us for any kind of timber doors repair. You can choose from our wide range of collection which includes all type of timber doors and frames. Some of them are accredited and some are not. You can choose whichever suits you the best. But you will never be sorry for choosing us.