Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Stick And Unitized Curtain Walling

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Things To Keep In Mind While Installing Stick And Unitized Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is one of the most important exterior building material. This is beneficial to save the interior structure and items of the building. Curtain walling is of two types-: stick curtain wall system and unitized curtain wall system. Moreover, curtain walling system is made up of steel, aluminum, and glass, which is useful to change the appearance of the building from outside.

Stick curtain wall system

Stick curtain walling systems are explained as non-load bearing walls. That walls are used install at the front, which is made up of steel and concrete framing. Stick wall systems are beneficial for complex facades. In addition, these are generally slimmer than unitized wall systems.

Unitized curtain wall system

Unitized curtain wall systems are basically designed to assemble and glaze the business environment. These types of wall systems offer you dramatic improvements in performance and quality. These wall systems provide many benefits such as high performance, thermal insulation, control harsh weather conditions, and adaptability to modern design concepts. These can be customized in various materials such as glass, metal, terra cotta, and stones.

There are many things you should keep in mind while installing these curtain walls into your building structure, for example, the size of the facade, shape, and dimensions of the building.

Things to consider while installing these-:

Size of the facade-: When you are going to install curtain walls at your building front, you must consider size as an essential factor. If your building front is so large, then you should go with unitized curtain walling systems. In addition, it offers you low cost and high-speed performance. Whereas, in small spaces, you must install stick curtain wall systems, that are less reliable for large spaces. Stick wall systems are too costly as compared to unitized curtain wall systems. You should concern your installer about the type and size, he will guide you well.

The shape and dimensions-: You should also consider the dimension and shape of the building while installing curtain walls. If you have a tall building in dimensions, then go with unitized curtain walling systems. Whereas for low dimensions, you should install stick curtain systems. Moreover, unitized curtain walling systems are simple to install with cranes at large buildings. For wider structures, unitized curtain walling systems are a good choice because they are designed with glass. You can easily break the facade into units and then install glass unitized curtain walls.

If the above reasons are not enough for the decision, then you should go for post-installation inspection. You should converse with your installer for the inspection.