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Tip to Efficiently Manage Cold Storage Facility

Managing cold storage needs some basic considerations. These will help you in cutting down energy costs and reducing the probability of product loss. Roller shutters play a significant role in such facilities. The roller shutter doors are instrumental in preserving the temperature at these storage centers, which is a crucial factor. For efficient management of warehouse, keep the following things in mind-


– Vapour Absorption Systems

If a   warehouse facility which has access to waste heat , the organization can use it to supply power to the refrigeration unit.

– Vapour compression system

This type of system depends on the availability of the energy resources along with their costs. It is usually favorable to have a compression system. Most warehouses use Ammonia and Freon compressors as they are easily available and have a comparatively high latent heat of evaporation. But on the flip side, they are highly toxic. This means that they are hazardous and can contaminate the products if the leak out.


The temperature depends on the type of products and the amount of time required for the storage. The food products are divided into three types-

  1. Alive food, which largely means fruits and vegetables.
  2. Processed food, which is no longer alive like meat and fish.
  3. Products which need controlled temperature for storage like beer and tobacco.


You will be surprised to know that with every 10 degrees increase in temperature, the rate of chemical reactions in the product doubles. One can very well have an idea of the increase in the tendency to decay once heat enters the cold storage facility. Only a well insulated cold storage will be efficient in retarding the aging process. Lack of insulation will allow the heat to enter and cause unnecessary damage in terms of decreased product life and expenditure incurred for further cooling. Heat manages to enter the cold storage facilities through the doors. With the opening of the doors, comes the heat. Thus it will help if the doors are kept open for a minimum time period. With ADV fast-moving roller shutters, it is very much a possibility to have incredible insulation of the cold storage.


The location also a matters a lot  in cold storage facility. It is good if the distance between the area of the production and the facility is less so the product doesn’t start decaying even before reaching! But one should not ignore the importance of the cold storage being close to the market as well. The other main considerations are that it should be easily accessible by heavy transport vehicles. An unlimited power supply is also essential so that the refrigeration of the product doesn’t have intervals in it.

ADV and cold storage

You must be wondering what ADV is doing here. Well, we are closely associated with cold storage facilities as we are the ones who can provide suitable doors for the cold storage facilities. Our shutters not only offer optimum insulation but also come in high-speed forms, which are crucial for the temperature maintenance mechanism of the facility. Without our doors, the facility will not be able to live up to its promise of optimum preservation of food.