Tips for Reducing Noise Pollution at home

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Tips for Reducing Noise Pollution at home

Noise pollution can be highly irritating and hurt your health as well. With modern living, we have to put up with all sorts of noises like traffic, airplanes, noisy neighbors, loudspeakers, and barking dogs. They annoy and disrupt our sleep patterns. You will seldom experience peace of mind in such a situation. Noise pollution is known to trigger fatigue, and hearing loss. In extreme cases, it might lead to psychological problems too. If you are stuck in such a situation, you can use roller shutters to your advantage.

Rugs and carpet absorb sounds

While we are fond of hard floors for their good looks, we are unaware of the fact that they can reverberate sound throughout the home. People who have hardwood, concrete or tile or linoleum floors, should add rugs to it to add a dash of color and dampen the sound. Carpets are great at absorbing sound. You can multiply the sound-absorbing effect by using a rug with a foam-rubber backing. It is also a cheaper option.

Consider covering your walls 

Bare walls echo sound much more than covered walls. Consider hanging wall coverings like canvas paintings and blankets as they will absorb some of the noise. If you have a common wall with a neighbor, then you need such measures all the more otherwise you will have free music and TV noise streaming into your home. Furniture also blocks out the noise so think of furnishing it well.

Mask it 

Hanging wind chimes on your door, or your veranda can make the unpleasant noise somewhat faded. Installing a water feature in the garden could create a soothing noise.

Seal your windows 

Invest in double glazed glass and properly sealed window frames to help reduce noise pollution. Double glazed windows, in addition to keeping out the noise, also reduce the energy costs due to the insulation they provide. However, it will call for a home alteration which is likely to be a costly affair. If you want a low budget solution, then aluminum roller shutters are the best option.

Install roller shutters

Roller shutters have proven to be very efficient at reducing external noise levels as they form a barrier between your house and the external sources of noise. They are also efficient in providing you light control and ventilation while offering optimum security. It is especially beneficial for people who work in shifts or have new-born babies who sleep throughout the day. They come with Polyurethane insulation which blocks noise from the external areas. The air pocket between the slats and the window frame efficiently blocks the sound.