Tips on Safekeeping Glass Shop fronts

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Tips on Safekeeping Glass Shop fronts

When we talk about window marketing the first scene that strikes our mind is glass shop fronts. These shop fronts are advantages and also adds in to enhance the look of the exterior. Using these glass shop fronts the shopkeeper need not worry about the theft or burglary. There are certain security tips for protecting these glass shop fronts safe.

  •     Use of a drop down shutter

During the business hours, there is no need to use a down shutter because there is hardly any risk of any damage to the glass shop front. But the main risk of burglary or theft is during non-business hours, especially during the night time. For that purpose, these dropdown shutters can be used. They are generally made up of iron and provide protection to the glass shop front. They protect the shop from criminal attempts. In addition to all these the shop fronts add on to an advantage that they provide protection against poor weather conditions like tornadoes, hurricane, etc.

  • The installation of storefront bollards

This means the installation of poles in front of the shop. By installing these bollards or poles the possibility of any vehicle entering the premise is reduced and hence by installing these poles no vehicle will enter the area in front of the shop, and there is no possibility of the vehicle to go and hit the glass hence preventing it from breakage. These poles can only be installed if the area in front of the shop belongs to the owner otherwise it is necessary to take permission from the local authorities before installing these poles. To enhance the look of the shop many decorative items or many decorative options are available for the installation of these poles.

  • By using security glass

This security glass is very durable and hence cannot be shattered easily. The security glasses have been tested for durability by using bricks, stones, etc.  By installing this security glass security alarm will be activated in case anyone attempts to break the glass. Ultra strong, penetration films are used on these glasses.  So even if the security glass is broken the thief will find it very difficult to enter the premise due to its strong radiations.

Hence it is necessary to keep the shop front safe from burglars and this can be achieved by using the above-mentioned techniques and tools. The shopkeeper can enhance the look of the shop and also keep in view the security factor.