Tips to Safeguard Inner City Housing Developments

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Tips to Safeguard Inner City Housing Developments

When we construct or buy a property,  security and safety are the main things which rule our mind. We install roller shutters and various other safety mechanisms to secure our property. While roller shutter doors  provide the ultimate physical barrier between the unscrupulous elements and us, some other aspects need to be kept in mind.

While safety  from burglars often come to our minds, there are other equally important safety concerns. This is where fire safety concerns come in the picture. About almost all the landlords get the smoke detectors and fire alarms installed in their property but they fail to work when the need arises. The reason behind this fact is that only a few of the inhabitants regularly test the alarms and maintain them by changing their batteries. It accounts for nearly ninety deaths each year.

What to do to handle the emergency 

What exactly do you need to do when a fire breaks out? Do you have an emergency plan corresponding to it? For implementing your plan for fire fighting, first, work out the details regarding the architecture of your building. Make a note of where the stairs, fire exits, and main exits are located in your building. Work out an emergency plan according to it. Inform and instruct everyone in the family properly about it. Ensure that every member of the family knows well enough about the escape route. Each member must know what to do, who to contact and how to get out of the building safely in case there is a break out of the fire.

The emergency lights must be checked regularly to ensure that they are working well. Mark the exits clearly so that there is no confusion. Fire doors should be tested from time to time to check if they close properly. If they are not in a functional state then they will be useless during the emergency. The fire door must also not be left open for any reason. You must remember that you are compromising on your safety by leaving it open. If they are closed, they will prevent the fire from spreading and keep the area under fire contained.

As far as gas safety is concerned, the landlord should ensure that the gas safety check is carried out yearly. It should cover all the gas appliances and the pipeline. The records for the annual check must be maintained and showed to the tenant to ensure him of the building’s safety.

Other Aspects

You must keep an eye on your surroundings. Take action if you notice anything unsuitable or unusual. Ensure that the vicinity is well lighted and ask the landlord to get the lights repaired if they are out of order.

Keeping a check on your locks is equally important. Replace the substandard and the defective ones. Install CCTV to get footage of what is happening in the neighborhood.

With these steps, you are sure to get maximum safety.