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Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Operation of Shutter by ADV

Roller shutters are the integral part of your premises, that offers you many benefits and security from external harmful components as well. So if you are struggling to have them then just visit us once, so that we can guide you with the right product according to your requirement and choice as well. In this content you will learn about types of rolling shutters.

Roller shutters are an important component of the building structure, that protects you from several harmful external components. If you are struggling to protect your windows and doors as well, then you must go with the rolling shutter because it does not offer you security and aesthetic appeal, but also offer you noise and light control feature as well. You may not know that there are certain types of shutters available in the market, you can choose according to your requirements and choices as well.

Let’s have a look at shutter types, that are available in the market.

Aluminum roller shutter

Aluminum roller shutters are too beneficial for your premises because these care made with hard and strong material. These types of shutters offer you many benefits such as-:

  • Burglary protection.
  • Weather protection.
  • Noise and light control.
  • Low maintenance and smooth functioning as well.

Aluminum roller shutter door offer you many other benefits such as you can simply customize it. Aluminum is the recyclable material that is easy to customize in any shape, size, and design as well. You can also tell the manufacturer about your desire design so that you can get the best design.

Transparent rolling shutters

These types of shutters are also known as polycarbonate shutters, which offers you aesthetic transparency. These shutters are transparent, secure, and lightweight, because these are made with polycarbonate material. No doubt these shutters offer you durable and protection feature, but these shutters are too expensive, that’s why only a few people lean toward them.

Industrial shutters

These industrial or commercial shutters are specially designed for warehouses, stores, and industries as well. These shutters offer you the best insulation that is useful to regulate the temperature in your premises. With these shutters, you do not need to install any other type of warming and cooling unit in your premises.

Rolling Shutter types based on Operation

Automatic Rolling Shutter

As the name depicts, you do not need to open them manually, because these can be operated with the help of electric switch and remote as well. These shutters offer you smooth functioning that is useful to save your time and money in the long run.

Push-Pull Rolling Shutter:

These shutters also known as manual shutters, because these require manual force in order to open them. These are completely simple in look, but also offer you so many features.