Types of shutters for sliding glass doors

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Types of shutters for sliding glass doors

If you have sliding doors and feel worried about which type of shutters will suit them, then you are in the right place. Leave it to us to make your home secure with the right shutters for your kind of doors. Security shutters for sliding doors need to be extra strong so that they can offer full protection.

Bifold Shutters

As it can be deciphered from the name, the bifold shutters can be folded in two directions. Unlike the conventional doors which have two large, solid panels that slide from side to side, bifold shutters have 2 smaller panels that can be folded into each other, while allowing you space and a clear view in front of your door.

Sliding Door Shutter FAQs

Can I open and close the sliding glass door if I get the shutters installed?

Yes! We’ll ensure that your sliding doors don’t get robbed of their functionality. We allow a full range of sliding door motion by installing the combination of a shutter and frame which fits your door frame with perfection.

How much space is required around a sliding glass door for shutters?

Well, with our products and service, you don’t need to worry about it. We offer perfect customization so we can build shutters that match your sliding glass door, irrespective of the space available around it.

How do I take the exact measurements for my sliding glass door shutters?

For the exact measurement, measure  the height from the floor to the door casing top. If there is no casing, then do your measurement from the floor to the top of the jamb. Follow it with the measurement of the width of the interior jamb.

Lastly, measure the height and width of the sliding glass panes.

You can leave it on the installer to take the measurements. If you are not comfortable doing the measurements or you feel that you might take an erroneous reading, then ask the installer to do the same. You can ask him to do the same when you hold your first consultation session.

Sliding Shutter Designs

After We measure the width and length of both segments of the glass door,we followed by  measurement of the space next to the doors. Once at the office, we order the plantation shutters according to your configuration. We use our software and design templates to manufacture sliding glass door shutters according to the dimensions of your door.