Unitised and Stick Curtain Walling Systems

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Unitised and Stick Curtain Walling Systems

One of the modern technology which is used by the high-rise buildings is the curtain walling system. This is true that the way it works to protect the building is not available with any other option. In this guide, we are going to tell you the difference between the unitized and stick curtain walling system.

Installation of curtain walling provides a cover around the building. Moreover, it also helps in increasing the aesthetics of your place and protection against the harsh weather like rain, storm, and snow. They do not carry the weight of the building so they are installed in the front. They are made of steel and aluminum, as well as glass frames which gives it a modern look. walling system is insulated which helps in controlling the temperature inside the building.

What is the key difference?

The curtain walling system is of 2 types: Unitized and stick walling system. We have mentioned the difference. The main difference is that in the unitized system the unit panels are pre-fabricated and once made the entire structure is brought to the site. In the case of a stick-built walling system, all the components are built and then installed on-site.

Features of the Unitised System

  • The best part of choosing this system is the time of installation and also the risk linked with onsite is reduced. Around 70% of the work is done in the factory. On-site there will be a single team which is going to install the different units. This way on-site there will be less need for manpower which reduced the labor cost and safety risk is less.
  • The standards frame size for unitized is around 60mm and more.
  • In this, so much work is done in the factory so there is proper control of the quality. This also means in spite of the weather condition the production is going to be carried out.
  • The system is best for the place where external access is limited. Their installation is also for the place where there is going to be significant post-construction.
  • But, yes to plan and its pre-construction needs time as getting the structure together and making sure it is made with the proper benefits.

Features of Stick System

  • The stick curtain wall is brought to the factory is loose bars which are sticks. Well, today there are many options which you can buy from the market. In this the production process is short but on-site time is more as the number of steps needs to be performed.
  • In terms of slight lines, they are slim in comparison to the unitized system. The standard frame size is around 50 to 60mm.

Consult the experts as they will let you know which option you should opt for according to your needs and requirements.