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Vandalism protection with shutters by ADV

Protecting your business premises is a vital prospect of your professional life. It’s not only protection against burglary and loss but you need to counter vandalism as well. A vandalized outlet is not the perfect way to project an impressionable and trustworthy image. If you are vandalized, the customer’s confidence in you might get shattered to pieces. It is, therefore, necessary to protect your premises to build confidence in your customers. Roller shutters are vital for giving you and your outlet robust and sturdy protection. Installation of security shutters is the only way in which you can ensure that your interest, as well as your stock and employees, are well protected. In this post, we aim to explain how to counter various forms of vandalism-


If you have graffiti on your windows, then you might have to scrub it away. But if you have roller shutters, your windows can be protected.  Your shutters with graffiti will be much easier to clean-up than windows.

Also, graffiti will usually be hidden whilst your premises are open for business. It is only when the shutters will be rolled down that the graffiti will be seen, so your business will not be affected as no graffiti will be in sight. Once you find the time, you can clean the graffiti on the shutters and resume your business as usual.

Broken Windows

Smashed windows attract a lot of unwelcome attention and negate the whole image of the building. They are not only unsafe and a threat to your security, but they also give the building a terrible look and create a sense of under-confidence in the consumer. If you have secured your windows with shutters, you can keep them protected from breakage and ensure their safety.

Unscrupulous and Unclean appearance 

Many industrial properties are defaced during the weekends. It will be worse if your establishment is near bars, clubs, and restaurants. Passers-by tend to throw away food and drinks at such places, only to the horror of the owner. Roller shutters will help in maintaining the cleanliness of your premises.

A Powerful Deterrent

Your premises will become an often targeted area if you have not protected your areas with roller shutters. Vandals frequently approach the area which is not protected. On the other hand, if you have installed roller shutters, then there will be no daredevilry from the side of the vandals. This is because a shutter will present a physical (and psychological) barrier for them. It will be a great deterrenfor tt he attackers and the vandals will think twice before doing so.