What are fire curtains used for?

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What are fire curtains used for?

We all know that all roller shutters protect us. However, there are many other functions that they perform. They are adept at providing soundproofing and insulation from the inclement weather in addition to protecting it from lawbreakers. ADV provides security shutters that provide all the advantages that will add to your comfort level. Specially formulated shutters are manufactured for fire protection.

If you are curious about fire curtains and want to know more about them then read on –

A fire curtain is a curtain that has been manufactured to provide fire protection; the fire curtain is made in such a way that it descends from the ceiling to the floor to block the doorway. It is an effective tool in preventing fire and smoke from spreading to other areas.

In larger buildings, fire curtains are used to separate the building for allowing a safe exit. It succeeds in keeping the fires limited to certain areas. The process is known as “compartmentation”. This feature offers excellent passive fire protection for large structures. It also provides an escape passage so that people can escape in case a fire breaks out. It also serves as a limiting structure for protecting the property and inflammable equipment in the building. Yet another plus point is that due to their presence, the fire services get more time to arrive and extinguish the fire.

The advantages of a fire curtain

The fire curtains are manufactured from fiberglass material, which is why they prove to be more versatile than a metal shutter. They also offer excellent flexibility and do not occupy much space. They can be installed anywhere, especially at places with limited space like stairways, and hallways.

Usually, the installation points of fire curtains are determined at the design stage of the construction of a building. If however, they have been overlooked, they can be fitted later in the already existing builds.

Fire curtains can also be connected to a fire system – and get automatically activated once there is a break out of the fire. The features it offers are perfect for large buildings. Some locations also opt for the installation of static fire curtains. These curtains are static i.e. they stay in place. They can be installed in lofts or warehouses. It is a truth that they are an economic solution along with optimum   protection for various sections of a building. ADV offers roller shutters for all kinds of requirements.