What Are Insurance Approved Roller Shutters And Its Benefits?

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What Are Insurance Approved Roller Shutters And Its Benefits?

We are not new to the concept of roller shutters. We all know that roller shutters spell the strongest layer of physical security. It is  a boon for both domestic as well as commercial buildings. Not only this, they are a valuable addition to the overall value of the property.

Even though we all are well aware of their advantages, still it won’t hurt if we could reminisce the superb advantages the roller shutters are offering.

1. Physical barrier

They present the ideal barrier between the criminals and the objects they intend to steal. They present a sturdy physical barrier between the criminals and your hard-earned assets. They deter the intruders not only from entering but also trying it in the first place.

2. View blocker

The thieves often get tempted when they get a view of the expensive items kept inside the house. Roller shutters provide an excellent barrier between the temptation and the tempted. The lesser the chances of viewing, the lesser the chances of burglary.

3. Perfect shield from the weather 

You are lucky to have your shutters in place. They act as the perfect shield from the extreme weather conditions. You will enjoy immunity from all the extreme weather conditions whether it is freezing cold, extremely hot or high on humidity. No matter what, you will be able to carry on with your business as usual.

4. Acoustic insulation

If you are bothered by the extreme noise you hear from the street nearby, the shutters will be extremely helpful in decreasing our botheration. The shutters provide the perfect acoustic insulation in a building.

5. Greater financial benefits 

Roller shutters are an added benefit when they are assessed for their insurance rates. High site security comes with the installation of sturdy roller shutters. Insurance approved roller shutters act as a plus point during the insurance evaluation process.

At ADV, the roller shutters are certified by the various regulatory authorities. Roller shutter repair is another service which is provided by us through the year 24*7.


ADV specializes in providing insurance approved roller shutters. These shutters come with the certification of the site’s security. It is a strong tool for providing the wide scope and strength your building has. If your building gets the extra points due to the shutter’s presence, you will benefit by paying lower insurance taxes, which has long term financial implications for you and your business.

At ADV roller shutters, we believe in providing the best services whether it is manufacturing, installation or after-sales service.