What Are the Trends People are Following in Designs?

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What Are the Trends People are Following in Designs?

The new trend that has caught up these days is the popularity of glass curtain walls; it is because of the fact that they are very stylish and elegant. The curtain walls take care of the solar energy system, which help in reducing heat coming from windows, also is a great help in consuming heat during hot and sunny days and also insulates in winters.

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The curtain walls technology has truly advanced far beyond what it was several years ago, the glasses used now are very much beneficial for residences and commercial places.

The architectural movements have become more and more visible; it has increased the quality, durability, and safety of curtain walls. Curtail wall repair is carried at ADV.

Have a look at some of the common trends

Have a look at some of the common trends

  • Sunlight Theme

A very common theme bringing changes, but it also creates in- between slab positions, contributing to fir stopping quality of curtain wall.

  • Smart glass or Electro chromic Glass

This is also known as shading – to- suit. It is automatic cast glass which can b used in windows, skylights or curtain wall facade. It means the changes in shades of glass (clear or shaded) can be managed via computer so that the user can control the settings in energy, light, and other things.

  • Aquaphobic Coatings

These are quite strong; they help in the reduction and maintenance of curtain walls and also preserving the original properties. It surely is an exception.

  • Shockwave

Curtain walls are becoming resistant to enraged threats. The laminated glass that they a made with can significantly improve the safety of any building, which in turn will heighten the safety from inside.

With so many advantages of and trends going on in curtain walls, who will not want to get them, in case you are also planning the same, I suggest you have a look at what ADV has to offer to you. Shopfronts in London are the best place to shop from.