What are various types of roller shutters?

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What are various types of roller shutters?

If you are looking around for roller shutter doors, then there are a lot of choices you will have to go through to arrive at the favorable option. If you set out in the market, you will see a lot of roller shutters of different sizes and materials. You will have to think hard to choose the best roller shutters.

  • Types of Rolling Shutter (material)

  1. ADV Rolling Shutter:

ADV rolling shutters are made from steel rods that have grills or perforated panels for ventilation and transparency. These shutters are easy to install and are cost-effective. They are suitable for any kind of building.

  1. Aluminum Rolling Shutter:

These roller shutters are manufactured from aluminum both single wall and double wall insulation. The aluminum shutters are roller shutters are not only light in weight but corrosion-free, flexible and rich in the aesthetic sense.

  1. Transparent Rolling Shutter:

A transparent rolling shutter is made of polycarbonate. They help in creating a superior aesthetic impression with their transparency and clear see-through vision. It also offers high visibility from either side of the premise.  They are lightweight but still offer high security. Although they are durable, they come at slightly higher prices.

(B) Types of Rolling Shutter (Operation):

  1. Automatic Rolling Shutter:

They are controlled with the help of an electric motor and a gearbox and run with the help of electricity. They are available in all types of materials like aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. These shutters offer economical prices and hassle-free opening and closing options. They are most suitable for showrooms and other commercial outlets.

  1. Push-Pull Rolling Shutter:

When the room space is small, then the push-pull type of rolling shutters is the best option. They can be operated by manually pulling or pushing.

  1. Mechanical Gear Type:

When the area of the room is not so small, then the shutters can be operated with the help of reduction gear, connecting rod and winding handle. The advantage of these shutters is that it has durability and ease of maintenance.

(C) Types of Rolling Shutter (usage):

  1. Grill Rolling Shutter:

Grill rolling shutters are manufactured with aluminum alloy or steel links .These rolling shutters provide visibility and ventilation along with security and protection.

  1. Industrial Rolling Shutter:

The industrial rolling shutter is suitable for large areas and harsh environmental conditions.  Metals like aluminum and steel may be used to manufacture them.