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What Procedure To Follow During Maintenance Of Fire Doors

Steel Fire rated doors

Commercial doors are a significant addition to our security mechanism. We expect our doors to bear most of the brunt of the external elements and keep us safe and secure from the action of the criminals. But sometimes these doors often run into problems. We might encounter many problems that crop up while handling the doors. Whether the doors are simple roller shutter or Steel Fire rated doors, they can have problems in their operation with the passage of time.

Roller problems-Some doors are fitted with rollers, which may be made of plastic or metal. When the rollers start giving problems, it may lead to inhibition in the smooth motion of the door.

Problems with Cable-Many doors have cables for efficient functioning. These cables might become inefficient with the passage of time. As a result, the torsion system may be rendered ineffective. If your door is making a squeaking or shaking sound, then it is time to check the cable system.

Damage to the panel-The panel might get damaged due to the impact of some heavy vehicle. This calls for a change or replacement of the panels.

Damaged Torsion Spring-A damaged torsion spring may occur due to rusting or wear and tear. It is responsible for lifting the door if it is controlled by an electric door opener.

Corrosion of the tracks: The tracks might become corroded due to the rust which may lead to misalignment of the door and the tracks. If not repaired on time, it might lead to serious hazards.

Corrective Measures

Following tips need to be followed for rectifying the functioning of the doors-

  1. Replace the rollers-If the rollers have become corroded or have shrunk in size, it is better than you get them replaced.
  2. Change the torsion spring-In case of damage, wear and tear or the case where they have simply run out of life, it is crucial that you get them replaced.
  3. Check for misalignment-Keep an eye for detecting misalignment. If detected on time, it can save you the time and money you will have to spend if you tend to ignore the problem. So follow a scheduled checking routine. A misalignment, if detected on time, simply needs to be rectified, otherwise, the only solution is to change the whole track.
  4. Regular service-Maintain a regular service schedule so that the inspection, as well as restoration of the damaged parts, is undertaken on a regular basis.
  5. Call the experts– If there are any issues with the door which can’t be handled by you, it is best to seek the support and advice of the roller shutter door maintenance experts.