Which is the Best among Timber, Aluminum and Wood?

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Which is the Best among Timber, Aluminum and Wood?

Timber and aluminum combined windows give a perfect stability between the beauty of timber on the inside along with a high performance and whether opposition on the outside.

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Arch lining to make sure a neat, dry, clean glazing system is created to maintain pressure on the glass. When It is used in combination with security tape behind, along with the correct materials.

The aluminum cassette is installed to the front of sections with some clips. The aluminum is ejected from the recycled aluminum. It is finished in different varieties of polyester powder coating.

The gap which is created enables hot properties and gives unhampered way to drainage. Windows are also tested for weather resistance.

Hermetic seal acts as a weather seal, which makes sure that a neat, clean, closure is there against frame element.

Advantages of wood:

Advantages of wood:

  • Wood is flawlessly good looking.
  • Wooden doors and windows can be created as per customers liking.
  • Wood has the properties of natural insulation.
  • Wooden doors and windows converse energy.
  • Wooden doors and windows have many finishes to choose from.
  • Wood is supposed to be the most stylish substance.

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Advantages of aluminum:

  • Aluminum is the most reasonable option found.
  • Aluminum doors and windows can be made according to customers wish list.
  • They come in four standard color options and multiple varieties of custom colors.
  • They are very easy to install.
  • It doesn’t call for any maintenance.
  • They come with modern, streamlined design.
  • It does not get rusted.

Advantages of u PVC: 

  • u PVC has great properties of insulation, which thereby result in high energy efficiency.
  • u PVC come with a very high warranty.
  • u PVC come with many options including tilt and turn
  • u PVC is maintenance free. u PVC are maintenance free
  • Very easy to recycle.

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