Why is roller shutter repair significant?

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Why is roller shutter repair significant?

In modern times, you can see a lot of roller shutters for maintaining the security of various establishments. Roller shutters are responsible for providing that extra layer of protection for both commercial and domestic properties but they should be in an operable stage so that they work efficiently. Roller shutter repair is essential for the efficient functioning of roller shutters. Shutter repair in London is easily available by ADV Contractors. ADV is a premium company that supplies roller shutters.


You will be assured of optimum security and the municipal corporation also requires you to get roller shutters installed so that your organization is well protected. It’s a legal requirement as far as retail shops, industries, godowns, and warehouses are concerned. All the shutters, including industrial shops, roller shutters, aluminum security doors, auto doors, security windows, fire exit doors, retail shop shutters should be in good working condition. Of course, your roller shutter vendor will supply all the after-sales service and repair work. They should also be able to offer you emergency repair, which guarantees roller shutter repair within 24 hours of the breakdown. The owners should also ensure that the shutters are regularly serviced. This provision is also the headache of the roller shutter company which provided you the products. The engineers and the maintenance team will ensure that your shutters are serviced at regular intervals.

Regular Maintenance: How to go about it 

Weekly upkeep: Yes, you will have to be regular with the dusting and cleaning of your roller shutters. Ensure that you don’t have anything stuck in the tracks or in the way of the shutter. That way, it can get stuck and pose a hazard to the people.

Regular oiling of the small parts

The small parts should be oiled regularly so that the shutters function smoothly. It is difficult for you, wait until the service team arrives. However, make sure that you don’t open or close the shutter if it is not operational.

Regular servicing 

As an owner, you must ensure the safety of your premises and roller shutters are not an exception. You must be regular with the servicing routine and employ the best team to do so. If you don’t know where to look, ADV contractors will come to your rescue. We are available 24*7 with our services. You just have to give us a tinkle and we will be at your doorstep in a matter of a few minutes.

The responsibility of ensuring roller shutters adhere to the health & safety laws falls to the business owner, so to safeguard yourself, be sure professionals regularly service the roller shutters on your premises.