Why Maintaining of Shutters is Important?

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Why Maintaining of Shutters is Important?

With the roller shutters guarding your warehouses and factories, it is quite easy to forget to take care of your roller shutters. Yes, you might be preoccupied with things that they are protecting but they need protection and care too. Of course, they are not too vulnerable to wear and tear but they need some attention to last long and serve you the intended purpose. Taking care of your rolling shutters also means that you are ensuring the safety and security of your employees and staff as nothing is as dangerous as a malfunctioning shutter.

If you are at a loss about how to take care of your shutters, we are there to take the matter in our hands. So read the following guidelines to maintain your  rolling shutters.

Why maintain shutters?

You might ask this question many times but there is just one plain answer –carelessness on this part might lead to malfunctioning of shutters. Well, this means that you could get locked out of the building, or witnesses them becoming stuck open, or shutting suddenly on top of someone. It would also be detrimental to your business if you are unable to use the building for your work. A broken shutter can very well invite unwanted attention from the intruders and wrongdoers.

 What to do to maintain your shutters 

  • Clean them at least once every trimester.
  • Use a duster to clean it and be careful to clean between the slats. We recommend using a brush for the ventilation points like holes and tracks.
  • If there is grime, then use a solution of warm water and soap to remove it followed by wiping it with a cloth.
  • With time, the shutters become stiff and show wear and tear so it becomes essential to keep an eye on them by inspecting them regularly. If you locate any damage, it is wise to call a professional
  • Be sure that you oil the shutters regularly so that their movement is friction-free,corrosion-free and smooth.
  • In case you have manual shutters, it is necessary to ensure that they are opened and closed carefully. Also, take care so that the shutter doesn’t crash to the ground as it can cause a lot of damage and the screws to loosen up.
  • Instruct your workers and staff to maintain a safe distance from the shutters and refrain from throwing things at them.