Why should you focus on the shop front display? How to make it attractive?

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Why should you focus on the shop front display? How to make it attractive?

Window displays are an integral part of running your business!

You need to make it eye-catching, unique, yet elegant. In today’s environment, you can see the top-rated brands, who come up with a different idea for shopfronts every time and it makes the customer wait for more and more.

Being a shop owner you need to put life to the blank canvas which is your window display. But you might be wondering what else I can do to bring in that ‘WOW’ factor. Let’s talk you through some of the tips which can make a lot of difference.

 Gain attention of window-shoppers

Have you ever wondered how a window display is important? Because when it is done right, it works. No doubt, every year the way of doing and managing the work changes. But, the window display is something that remains constant with each year. Without a doubt, it is the way to gain the attention of potential customers and even stay loyal to your business. It’s all because of the efforts you put in.

 Inspirational and memorable display.

Your window display can be anything be it inspirational, high-impact, or something memorable which keeps the customers inclined to your brand. Doing so will up flank the sales which every business owner wants. So, make sure that you showcase the best of the best things in the window display about your brand. In addition, you should tell what is the feel and lifestyle behind that specific product.

 Do something which lets them – STOP and DREAM of having that product!

Your window display should stop them, then and there only. People passing down the street turn their heads and see the product again & again. As you are competing with different brands, you need to make efforts to give your best. Like if it is Christmas and then your display should predict the same. Making your customers happy is the only way to SURVIVE in the competition.

 Stay under your budget

We are not saying that you need to spend all your savings. Before you begin you should keep in mind about what is your budget and accordingly plan everything. Keep it eye-catching and spend enough time to get everything done with PRECISION. So, you should research the design under your budget before you plan to do anything.

 Consider your goals

You should understand what is the goal of your window display, like:

  • Whether you want to promote something new
  • Adding something new style to the brand
  • Who is your target audience?

To start with the design, you should pen down your idea on paper by making a sketch and then create a theme.

 Tell a story through the window display

You should try to tell a story and link it with a particular situation. Revolve around that plot and you will be good to go in the long run. It is the best way to gain their attention as you are communicating with them.

 Make your idea alive

Once you have that perfect theme or story in your mind, you need to take it into the conceptual stage. You need the basic tools like hammer, nails, stapler, tape measure, scissors, double-sided tape, penknife, screws, screwdriver, pencil, pen, and marker pen. After that, you should get going and make your window display attractive.

 Keep the product at eye-level

You should keep the products at eye level so that the people passing by the shop can look at the product with ease. Make sure that the small products are not hidden by the big products. So, you need to be careful how you keep the products.


Consider these three things for the window display and you will be good to go.