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Why Shutters Are Best For Eco Friendly Houses

The world is turning eco-friendly and so are we. It is not only A pleasant choice but also a  necessary step to find an eco-friendly solution to our various problems. We, as humans have become quite conscious about minimizing the global footprint we leave. That is exactly the reason why we are briefing you about eco-friendly ideas to improve your home. ADV specializes in shutters and we are talking about environmental friendliness. So how do both connect? Simple, we produce shutters which are environment-friendly. So buying from us will have dual benefits: First, you will have the ultimate security solution. Second, you will be contributing to the well being of the environment. Let’s see how it works –

  1. Premium Insulation

A security solution with perfect insulation? Wow! Yes, that’s exactly what we offer. Windows are the outlets which give away much heat during the winters. With our glass panes which are self-measured and fit the window perfectly, that will not be the case. We also provide double glazing to the glass panes which prevents the escape of any heat. The adjustment of the slats of the domestic shutters ensures that you can let the light in while preventing the heat from going out. Not only this, they look good while they are at it! The shutters add to the glamour of the house with their stunning looks.

  1. Cool comfort for Summers

The same goes true for summers. You can be assured of maintaining coolness during the hot summer season. You can tilt the slats to diffuse the sunlight while allowing fresh air to enter. Plantation shutters are a good option for this type of arrangement.

You could also opt for opening the upper slats while keeping the lower slats closed for maintaining a cool temperature while letting enough light in. You will need to install tier on tier shutters for this purpose.

  1. Low-maintenance living

Another advantage you will enjoy with new shutters is low maintenance. With curtains and blinds, you will have to either wash them or dust them on a regular basis. But with the shutters, all you have to do is to dust them once a week and wash them once in a while. It will also mean less consumption of water in the cleaning process.

The curtains are also bound to fade out with the passage of time, a disadvantage that you will not face with the shutters. The shutters will last longer than the curtains due to the difference in their material. You will also not get UV protection with the curtains, while shutters offer you this facility by using UV protective paint or stain.