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Why Shutters For Round Windows At Home Are Great Choice

We usually see houses and buildings with square or rectangular windows. It is very rare that we come across circular windows. They can add a completely new look to your building, try them out.

Round windows give your home the perfect look. They can add to the glamorous effect your home has. But the problem comes when you are required to dress them up. If you are shying away from circular windows just because you are not sure whether you will get suitable shutters for them, then throw your worries away.

Curtains or blinds are a complete dampener when it comes to dressing circular windows. But with plantation shutters, you can be sure of getting a superb solution for your window woes.

How Does ADV Provide The Perfect Dressing For Your Round Windows


We manufacture customized plantation shutters which will fit your window perfectly. We will leave no gaps, either in your satisfaction or in the coverage area of your window.

Light and privacy concerns

You can get full coverage or avail the various types of coverage you want to have. Slightly tilting the louvers will let you enjoy privacy as well as light. Opening the louvers completely will let in loads of light and you will be delighted to enjoy the outside view. Fully close the louvers and you can block out the light completely.

Add a dimension to the window

If you want to enhance the shape of the window, then our shutters offer the perfect solution. The shutters have a round frame which is in sync with the shape of the window. The slats or the louvers are placed within the frame to cover the glazing. This means the shape of the window is enhanced instead of being hidden.

Choose the color

Make a statement with the colorful windows. You can choose from wood stains and paints. Our range has colors which score over the common shapes available for new shutters. You will certainly be amazed at the range of superior color options we have.

Sturdy and stable

We provide strong and durable shutters made out of strong and sturdy materials so that you enjoy more years of usage coupled with lasting good looks. The shutters we offer will provide smooth operations for a long time along with efficiently covering the windows.

Make a style statement

You will get a polished look brimming with style and sleekness. Plantation shutters will offer the best stylish looks which could be possible for round windows. The effect of the round frame and the straight horizontal slats will be just mesmerizing.