Why you must convert your manual roller shutter to electric shutters?

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Why you must convert your manual roller shutter to electric shutters?

If you want the protection a roller shutter offers but are weary of opening and closing them every now and often, then we suggest you go for a change. Many people with manually operated shutters have a tough time dealing with the breakage of the straps. Some of them might be looking for an update. If you fall into this category, then we have only one piece of advice for you –update your shutters and change them from manual to electric. You won’t be paying much for getting electric shutters installed and you will have the ease of use and fewer complications in operating it, we assure you.

The advantages of Using Electric Roller Shutters

Convenience-Of course you know this one. You will be able to operate them with ease and have a quick response to your actions. It’s all possible with the touch of a button. If you many shutters, then it will not require you to go to each window individually to close the shutters.

Restricted mobility? Great news for you– Motorised electric shutters are an excellent option for people who are unable to move freely around the home.  If you have windows that are located behind furniture or placed at tight corners, your access will be limited, and an automated shutter will suit you.

Adds value to the home– A home with motorized blinds will make all the difference when you think of selling it.

Low maintenance– You will be thankful for putting an end to frequent repair requests for the lubrication of the shutters and tending to broken straps.  An electronic system will not only operate smoothly but also be gentle and will put no strain on the parts.

Automatic timer– Some electric systems come with extra features like a timer function which enables you to pre-set the timing of opening and closing of the shutters. It will be beneficial to you if you want your roller shutters to open and close every day at the same time.  It is a lot convenient and also keeps your home secure if you are away from home.

Versatility– You can avail of various power options for electric shutters like electricity, batteries and solar power. Choose according to your preference and convenience.

Aesthetically appealing– You will be happy to say goodbye to unsightly straps and motor handles. Instead, you will have only a simple switch for handling all the operations. You will not only experience a greater aesthetic sense but also an easier and more modern looking option.