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Some tips for repairing wooden shutters

What happened to your shutters? They used to be so beautiful and attractive, earlier, and now they look so full of rust and there is dust all over them. OK. I get it. The weather conditions, the dust, sun, all of that have made it, this way. But, don’t worry. Read below to know what best can be done, in order to bring them back in their old state.

Get into repairing wooden shutters.

First of all, begin by removing the old shutters form the outside of the home.

Get a soft brush and after going through your shutters to remove dust, germs, bird poop, and various other germs and dirt. Take a soapy water to remove the dirt that has been gone deep into and refuses to come out. Once all of that is done, rinse the shutters very nicely with water. Just be sure that no dirt or soapy solution is left.

After doing that, you need to leave them to dry. Hence you have to try doing all the cleaning on a bright and sunny day.

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Examine your shutters.

Once they are clean and also sun-dried, you need to examine them, nicely. Check if any kind of damage or repair work has to be done. Have a look at the hardware and see if it needs any repair or not

Paint wooden shutters.

Make a nice primer by stirring it, nicely. Mostly, it is found that once primer sits on shelves, it starts to segregate and thereafter settle down. Once it has been done, and then start applying a thin layer to shutters.

Don’t leave out any place. Your slats, rail’s, everything should be covered. Leave them in the sun so that they dry properly.

Post drying of primer, take a wet cloth and start wiping away the doors. Even now, you have to be careful about any dust particles which might have been left on doors, due to which the next a layer of paint might not face any issue.

Do it for the second time again, the process might take much of your time, but it is very important to have the attractive look.

When applying prime is done, then you need to apply a layer of paint of your own choice.