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We are a team of professional Shopfitters, glazing masters, and an acclaimed repair team in the UK. Contact us for any shopfront or glazing services

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ADV Contractors provides a wide range of shopfront services, glazing and maintenance requirements in all sectors. Our services mainly encircle designing, manufacturing, and installation.

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Shutter Repair Roller Shutters In London Shopfitters UK

ADV needs no introduction when it comes to roller shutter related services. We have shown our excellence in all the aspects related to shutters. We know the ABC of shutters like no other person. We are actively involved in manufacturing, installation, repair and after-sales service of the shutters. We also provide emergency repair services. We deal in both domestic and industrial shutters. We have also made a mark in the area of shopfronts. So you can call us up anytime anywhere if you need roller shutter repair. ADV provides shutter repair London like no other company.

Your Security, Our Guarantee

We know how much your security is crucial to you. We also understand that loss of merchandise and business opportunity can have harmful repercussion if your roller shutter is malfunctioning. We understand the broken-down door needs emergency repair services and should be undertaken as soon as possible. We also understand the impact of a non-functional shutter on the loss of heat and energy from the outlet. We definitely know that significance of business insurance.

Shutter Repair

We assure you of the best shutter repair services as we have an expert team of engineers which are available round the clock. We don’t charge any obligation fee for the same. We offer competitive services for the job. We provide a full guarantee that the shutter repair will last long as we use the highest quality material. You can also be assured that the call will be answered immediately and minimum work to ensure the safety of the premises will be carried out.

Regular Inspection

ADV ensures the well-being of your shutters so that they remain fully functional throughout the year. Our engineers carry out routine inspections to check the functioning of the shutters. A record of the inspection is maintained regularly and can be presented to the insurance company to show that your roller shutter is fit for all the safety purposes.

Shutter Repair Problems

We deal with all kinds of shutter repair problems like humming noise from the motor, electric shutter failing to move up, need for replacement of some parts, etc. Broken Remote-Control unit, cut trapped wire, industrial motor repair or replacement, or lost broken key and key-switch are dealt with. We also deal with problems such as, tracks or issues which inhibit the shutter from going up or down, roller shutters that are out of the runners can also be solved easily with our expert roller shutter repair service team.
We utilize approved parts for the roller shutters which carry a warranty of 1 year. It ensures that you will have durable parts post service. Usually, we handle the complaints on the same day.

Roller Shutter Maintenance

We offer services of installation, maintenance work, and repairs for domestic, commercial and residential roller shutters. We have a team of professionally qualified, trustworthy and reliable service engineers to serve you. That is not all though; we offer replacement or repair of engine, end locks, runners, bottom or lost keys at unbelievable prices. We ensure that the jobs are carried out well and cost you a reasonable amount.

Roller Shutter Installations

We offer installation services at no extra cost. We complete the process in a matter of a few hours. We also take care that we use the best material and the installation process is carried out professionally.

Advantages Galore

With our shutters, you will never have a moment of fear and anxiety. You will never feel that your security is being compromised. We provide the ultimate security solution against burglars
Our shutter will offer maximum insulation during summers and winters. You will be able to not only prevent the heat from escaping but also reduce your electricity bills.
Our shutters offer acoustic screening. Your noisy neighbourhood will not bother you as our shutters will screen the sound pollution.


Our shutters will prove to be great for your privacy. You can rest in the privacy of your home without worrying about the passers-by watching your every move. You can adjust the shutters with their completely open, closed or half-open options.


We are proud to announce that we repair the shutters with all types of safety features. We also offer a 12 months warranty period. We offer premium services related to roller shutters in all parts of London. It’s not surprising that our company figures among the best roller shutter companies.

Emergency Shutter Repair In London

When you have got everything related to your business (or home) in place, the utmost requirement is that of security. ADV’s shutters will help you realize your security goals with perfection. But the wisdom doesn’t end here. You will have to take care of the shutters and ensure that they are maintained well. For this, you will have to ensure that you clean them on a regular basis. You will also need to get them regularly serviced. The minimum period after which service is required depends on the frequency of usage, location and how old the shutters are.

If the shutters are more than a decade old or are used multiple times a day, the servicing must be frequent. While for some shutters, it is recommended twice a year, for some once a year may be enough. As goes for the Shutter repairs, any malfunctioning should be treated as an emergency and rectified as soon as possible. Any laxity on this account may cost you the well being of your loved ones, your employees, yourself or your assets. We know that you can’t afford to see any harm to any of the above, so just follow our advice and ensure safety for all.

Roller Shutters In London

Roller shutters in London are the best option to secure your premise against theft, burglary, and vandalism. But this is not the only facility they provide. Apart from being the ultimate security shield, they offer many other facilities-

  1. They are as effective in keeping out the unwanted light out of your building. You can so have it another way around too. If you need light, just open them up a bit. So you see, you have light coming in according to your whims and fancy.
  2. You can also screen the unwanted external cacophony from entering your home. Enjoy the peace that comes with roller shutters.
  3. Current roller shutters will not diminish your home’s beauty, instead, they are going to do you proud with their unbelievable finish and amazing colors.
  4. Temperature regulation is one of the surprising benefits it offers. Whether you want to maintain a warm atmosphere or you want the insiders to experience cool air, shutters are instrumental in preserving it.

Our Services- Uniqueness & Satisfaction In Every Project

We work hand in hand to display a great amount of professionalism and to surpass your expectations. In addition, we make every commercial building make a grand statement.



We manufacture the right shutters to tighten your business’ security.



Only the right shopfront to impress your customers from afar and increase your clientele



Let’s help you define and install the right curtain walling system to suit your building.



We manufacture and install toughened glass for sophistication and glamour.



We offer a variety of Personnel Access Doors for specialized applications.



We are available 24*7 to repair any damaged roller shutter with the right replacement.


We provide different services which include installation of the shutter, curtain walling, security grills, as well as repair and replacement of shutter as per our customer’s requirement.

Emergency Roller Shutter Repair Service

Your shutter has been functioning pretty well but it developed a snag suddenly. What should you do in such a situation? Of course, call the maintenance experts right away. ADV offers all the facilities related to the shutters: manufacturing, installation, after-sale service. But we would like to highlight the fact that we offer servicing and Emergency shutter repair service as well. While we would recommend that you treat even a small problem with utmost urgency, a serious malfunctioning often calls for an emergency repair. Not only our team is well trained to handle such a situation, but our professionals also earn years of experience before they are considered eligible for being a part of the emergency team. As we said, ADV offers the premium services for every aspect related to shutters, so how can they be behind in the field of emergency repair services? A word worth noting here: any glitch in the functioning of roller shutters is akin to an emergency so treat it as one. In short, get it rectified at once


Supreme Quality

Our highly professional team will install the shutters of the utmost quality within a span of 3-4 working days. Our team will ensure that the shutters offer reliability and easy operability.

Value for Money

Value for Money

We assure you that we will provide you with the best shutter repair and maintenance service in London at the most reasonable price.

Swift Service

Swift Service

We provide you with a swift and cost-effective service at your doorstep as we truly care about you and your specific needs.

Expertise at the site

Expertise at the site

Our team never calls it a day unless a minimum area of the property is fortified. This just echoes the fact the customer’s security holds prime importance for us.

Round the clock service

Round the clock service

We provide round the clock service. The emergency team will be at your doorstep as soon as you call us up. We are available 24X7X365

Post sale-service

Our company is proud to announce that it is always there for the customers in the time of need. We provide shutter maintenance and repair services at the click of a mouse or the tinkle of the phone.

Security Shutters

Security is a significant prerequisite for every building or organization. Whether it is your family or your employees, all need a reassurance that there will be no hazard to their well being. Its one of the basic needs of humans and even animals. We are here to help you counter your security concerns with our security shutters. Security shutters are manufactured specifically for granting you security. They are the best option you can avail if you require that extra layer of security. These shutters offer a security solution for apertures of various sizes. They are also available in many choices: solid punched or perforated. While the solid ones don’t permit in any light or air when they are closed, you can opt for letting in the same by choosing punched or perforated shutters. These are ideal in case you don’t want to let go of the natural lighting and ventilation for want of security. These are made up of sturdy materials like aluminum and steel so that your building has optimum security.


``ADV Contractors- A Reliable Shopfront Partner!``


The first group failed and was left puzzled about the damage they left behind. A week later, I learned about ADV Contractors and contacted them as soon as I could. They took up the mess and transformed my retail outlet. Speaking now, it is my dream shop!

``I Love Your Professional Approach``


My first meeting with you depicted a difference and I directly handed over my project to you. Your systematic approach is excellent, yet you don’t waste at all. You engage the client in every part of the project and this is one way of producing quality results. I really loved working with you.

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