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Used in areas which have big openings and have heavy usage – Door is operated multiple times a day. These can be fire rated shutter doors, rapid roll or fold doors, roller shutter doors or sectional overhead doors or car park shutters. We have a huge colour variety to choose from.

Roller Shutters

Modern Aesthetic Roller Shutters
We provide a variety of modern aesthetic roller shutters with various operational options. We are also pros in embedding these roller shutters with contemporary additional features to serve your interests.

Manual & Electric Roller Shutters

Modern domestic roller shutters or even commercial shutters are made of superior strength material to withstand a number of factors. Apart from looking elegant and sophisticated, these roller shutters are durable and galvanized.

Advantages of Our Modern Roller Shutters

  • Designed to offer Maximum Protection
  • Flexible & User-friendly
  • Highest protection against the unfavorable weather
  • Filter out Harmful UV Rays
  • Improved Thermal Insulation

Contact us for any roller shutter type you desire. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the cost.


Overhead Sectional Doors

Galvanized Overhead Sectional Doors

Overhead sectional doors are distinctively designed for durability and optimal performance. These doors are generally galvanized with a wide application. ADV designed overhead sectional doors are combined with extruded aluminium panels as well as thermally protected panels. These are formed for implanting see-through acrylic, meshed or fenced windows.

Sectional Overhead Door side runners transfer vertically, i.e. along the wall and parallel to the ceiling for optimal space availability. These doors are soundproof and are ideal for heat control.

We provide a wide selection of overhead sectional doors with uncompromisable durability, aesthetics, safety, and desired energy consumption rate.


  • Available Sizes: Width (max) = 15000 mm & Height (max) =10000 mm.
  • Customized as required
  • Stress-free and easy operation
  • Galvanized Stee


Rapid Roll/Fold Doors

Aesthetically Designed Rapid Roll/Fold Doors

We provide a wide range of rapid roll and fold doors at an incredibly amazing price. These industrial shutters are designed to offer an appealing appearance, maximum safety, and fire resistant.

Rapid Doors

We design every rapid door to offer a high wind resistance for your premises.  These doors come in steel structure of galvanized steel sheets. The rapid doors also completed with self-repairing roll-up doors made of galvanized steel with upright frames with no weldings.

Fold-Up Doors

Fold-Up doors are made of galvanized steel sheets and are assembled with no weldings. They are installed with reinforcement pipes of different dimensions and quantity on the opening width. Our fold-up doors come with a number of safety features ‘resistive wireless type’, additional sight windows, kit per installation inside the opening and wireless supplementary opening devices.


Fire Shutters

High Safety Fire Shutters

Fire rated shutters or doors are specifically designed to protect your property from being consumed by a fire in the case of an outbreak. ADV designed fire rated shutters are specifically designed and properly installed to offer protection of up to 4 hours.

These shutters are basically designed to stay open during normal circumstances, but automatically close in the case of a fire outbreak. All our fire shutters meet all international standards as stipulated.

Operation & Specifications

We manufacture a variety of fire shutters using standard materials. These can be manually operated or electrically operated. Depending on your desires, we are able to couple these shutters with additional safety features and operation devices such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, and flashing lights.


High Usage Car Park Shutters

Durable Car Park Shutters

We offer a wide range of car park shutters which are custom made. These shutters may come with perforated curtains as specified for vision through the shutter. Apart from that, they can come with a plain curtain. The shutter can be lifted into anti-rattle guides to allow smoother and quieter operation.

Our personally designed car park shutters have a wide range of application or usage. One of their distinct features is speed and different operation modes.

We also offer single phase motors which also take a high usage.


Logic control systems can be installed for easy operation. When the logic control is lifted, the shutter can be operated with a remote, induction loops, or mill keys.


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