P.A. Doors

Galvanized P.A Doors “Personnel Access Doors”

P.A Doors have a wide application that includes; factories, warehouses, storage buildings, garages, and sheds. Personnel access doors are meant to allow authorized people to an enclosed space or premises. Personnel access doors are basically made as per the size of the people as opposed to other doors such as shutters or garage-sized doors that even allow vehicles to pass.

ADV Manufactured P.A Doors

ADV manufactures a wide range of P.A Doors that suit every purpose. We make pre-hung shed door systems to keep your property secure. In addition, we manufacture durable steel container door systems to serve a lifetime.
Lastly, we also make substation doors with a wide application such as in the industrial sector and electrical projects.


Security Personnel Access “P.A” Doors- Ten Point Locking System

This type of PA doors is a combination of interlocking anti-jemmy studs and a ten point locking system. Six of the locking joints are joined to steel bars which are linked to and through the master lock mechanism. This generally prevents unauthorized access to the premises.

Doubled “Extra” Security

A total of 8 keys are provided with each P.A door. 6 of these keys are sealed and provided to the client and the other 2 are utilized by our installation team. Once the P.A door is installed, the client’s keys will immediately change the lock combination. This excludes the use of any other additional key, hence providing total privacy and maximum security.

P.A Doors Specifications

We generally manufacture standard P.A doors as well as advanced P.A doors designed to suit contemporary security requirements. When it comes to shed P.A doors, these doors are made with folded edges, reversible door handing, steel facing, and four-sided steel door jamb.
The standard door size is 2040mm x 820mm with a knob lock set and industrial hinges. In case required, knob/lever Egress lockset can be provided.
The next category of P.A doors is fully metal clad, wrapped, and sealed metal door. This P.A door type is generally durable, resilient, with a high performance.

General Features Include

  • 180-degree opening standard
  • Galvanized sub-frame
  • Tough powder coated finish
  • Pre-hung steel personal door
  • 2040mm high x 820 wide opening
  • Standardized lever/knob combo exit levers

We provide a wide range of customized P.A doors that are surely easy to operate. They are fully available at competitively set prices for easy and can be acquired at any time.


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