Services & Maintenance


ADV Services & Maintenance

ADV Contractors is an acclaimed team of professionals in the UK providing a wide range of services and maintenance. We provide a variety of repair services in both the commercial, industrial and domestic sector whenever called upon. We are also available for regular servicing and emergency cases 24*7.

Maintenance Services

  • Roller Shutter Repair

We are fully available to repair, replace, or improve the appearance of your shutters. Depending on your requirement, we will either replace or repair your deteriorated shutters to preserve your building’s aesthetic appearance.

  • Shopfront Repair & Maintenance

In the case of an accident or burglary, we are fully available to repair your damaged shopfront with high-grade shopfront materials to tighten your shop’s security. We provide toughened glass, bespoke fabrication, superior hinges, and locks.

  • Access Control Systems

We are pros in advancing your building’s access control system which you can easily control from anywhere. The new security approach is tailored for superior convenience, limit interruptions, and to provide total control over your premises.

  • Glass Replacements

Apart from installing outstanding shopfront door, curtain walling systems, and PVC windows, we extend our professional services to their maintenance and servicing. We restore the aesthetic attributes that your damaged doors or windows hard using superior designer approaches.

Service Invoice & Charges

We generally offer services at an affordable rate with no additional cost or unnecessary charges. All necessary alterations are made after your approval and after an assessment of the damage. We manufacture, design, install, repair, and offer reliable maintenance services in the UK at a friendly cost.

Additional concerns

  • Shutter Performance Evaluation
  • Tightening loose screws
  • Lubricating rails, motors, and gates
  • Changing screws, hinges, locks, pivots, track rollers and so on.

You can join our yearly service packages for additional offers and privileges. For any repair shopfront concern, simply contact us!
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