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Be Independent: Learn To Fix Minimal Roller Shutter Repair On Your Own

The whole credit of making the roller shutters a premium security option goes to the accurate fit and the impenetrable exterior.

If it is a guarding measure for your property, then how can you neglect even the small repair or the maintenance work demanded by your roller shutters.

Here in this situation, you can easily substitute the neglected repairs with the compromised security for your property.

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A round of applause for Londoners!

Why? Because these are independent people. These do not depend on anyone for repairing and maintenance work. No doubt, some situations do not allow a non-trained professional to accomplish the repair and maintenance work. In those situations, they intend to call at these numbers: 075-085-86840, 020-3689-1727

How do Londoners fix the broken electric component in the roller shutters?

This is simple. The batteries being put in your remotes do have a predetermined life. After serving their lifespan, these become dead. Here you need to replace the batteries. Isn’t it simple?

What if the shutters become jammed?

Despite replacing the batteries, if your shutters still come out to be stuck, then it means some of the mechanical components have become jammed.

Perfect Solution:

Londoners consider spraying the movement-oriented parts with lubricants. It is recommended that you should use “WD-40”.

What if the visible cause of the obstructed movement is the broken slats?

It is quite much possible for the slats of your roller shutters to become either uneven or broken. Owing to that, it is quite much obvious that your roller shutter will commence functioning quite incorrectly.

Here in this situation, you are required to remove the slats together with the clips. Once unclipped, detect if any of it is broken. If broken then remove it.


If you are heading for the purchase of the slats to replace the damaged ones, then make sure you are buying the one which has the same specifications as the slat to be replaced.

Please hear our recommendation!

Instead of considering everything on your own about the purchase, it would be right if you are directly approaching the manufacturer and telling him about the specification. It will ensure that you are not only getting the right product but gaining the warranty or the guarantee of the same.

If you need professionals

If none of the above-mentioned measures is coming out to be useful for you, then it is suggested that you should call the professionals. We ADV Contractors, London are committed to providing the finest and complaint-free services just at your pocket range.

I know, you have more evidence to choose us.

You can have a tour of our website advcontractors which is full of the promises which we do to our customers. You can also know about our happy customers, who are willing to consider only us each time they need repair services.

If you have any further queries, then you can either call us at these numbers 075-085-86840, 020-3689-1727 or you can inform us about the same via an email: info@advshutter.co.uk