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Shopfronts in Havering, glass Shop Fronts Cost in Havering

What are the reasons for taking shopfronts services from ADV Contractors?

Today most people are relying on the glass shop fronts as the external appearances for their shops. It is the reason that the frameless shopfronts are considered luxurious and sophisticated shop fronts. Shopfronts in Havering are chosen based on the requirements of the shop. Glass shop fronts cost in Havering is determined based on the dimensions and the quality of the glass chosen to be installed. So today we are going to discuss which services are being offered by the ADV Contractors for the appealing look of the shop.

  • Installation

The primary service which is rendered by the ADV Contractors is the installation. We offer you the installation services which are rendered by the professional staff.

Case study:

We are sharing the experience of one of our clients who initially took the shopfront manufacturing service from some other contractor but when it was time for the installation, then they refused to provide the installation services. He was so frustrated that he did not purchase the manufactured shopfront from them and approached us, we not only assured him of the quality of the shopfront but we also assured him that we would take out the whole installation work. He was so impressed by our work that he referred many customers to us.

  • Repair and maintenance

As we know, if it is about shopfronts then they are sure to get used more than a hundred times a day. And this number may get more if the shop or industry customarily experiences the traffic in huge numbers. The repair and maintenance work is sure to get encountered in such shops or stores. So we deem it as our potential responsibility to satisfy our customers with enhanced repair and maintenance services.

  • Refurbishment

No doubt, the owner of the shop after a considerable period gets so much attached with the shopfronts, that he is not ready to replace it but yes he is surely ready to refurbish it by giving it all over a new look. The professional team of the ADV Contractors not only takes into account the theme of the shop, but it considers every aspect that is required to facilitate the customer or client with the right guidance.

A potential user may be thinking about how we can provide our customers with the best services then the answer is as follow:

  • Technical support

Our glazing specialists are instructed to work along with the architects and the other specialists who are working on a particular project.

  • Project completion with perfection

We are passionate to execute a particular project with perfection. This is the main reason why we are so much admired by our clients. Because we take into account the whole project management processes. Along with that we never forget to consider the assessment of the risk. After a thorough evaluation of all the preponderant aspects, we conclude the specifications of a particular project.

  • Commercial and Residential

We do not only work for a specific type of shopfronts. Rather we have widened our sphere so that each potential customer can take services from ADV Contractors. Besides, we have made a mark in contenting the clients of both categories whether they are commercial or residential.


If you are also looking for high-level shopfront services which are rendered with utmost perfection, then we would like you to count on us. We have remained successful in satisfying a large number of different customers with our quality and diversified services. We would provide you with the best quality shopfronts and for the installation, we do have a professional and skilled team for whom we have never received even a single complaint.