Suitable Roller Shutters

Shopping centres are some of the busiest places in the commercial sphere and with that; they are usually targeted by criminals. To offer maximum security for your shopping centre, we offer Suitable Roller Shutters with several detection attributes like alarms and CCTV Cameras. Adv Contractors our bespoke commercial Roller Shutters For Shopping Centres, you will help your customers feel secure and as well protect your goods from criminals.

Commercial Roller Shutter Solutions for Shopping Centers

Perforated Steel Roller Shutters

Modern perforated roller shutters are a high-end shutter option for a variety of shopping centres. These shutters are designed with holes, which vary in sizes to facilitate a semi-transparent effect. They can allow light to pass through them, but limit one’s visibility into the inner premises.

These roller shutter types are excellent for banks, malls, and retail shops. They can either be manually operated or electrically controlled.

Punched Aluminium Roller Shutters

These are made from extruded aluminium, a strong and lightweight material. They offer a high level of visibility into the premises, but the extent generally depends on the made holes. These types of roller shutters portray a high class of artistry and style. They can be made in any colour and coupled with several specifications to meet a client’s requirements.

Transparent Roller Shutters

These possess an indubitable style with a high margin of sophistication and elegance. They are generally suitable for those shopping centres located in towns or cities. Although generally transparent, these roller shutters provide a high level of security and performance.

They are Suitable Roller Shutters for malls dealing with high-value items, and other retail outlets such as supermarkets, banks, museums, and galleries. They are made of horizontal strips of virtually unbreakable poly-carbonate and provide the desired transparency when closed.

Aluminium Roller Shutters

These are a sophisticated roller shutter type ideal for offices, warehouses, and ground floor retail shops. This type of roller shutters is made with full curtains that offer no visibility to the outsider. They are extremely durable, maintainable, and user-friendly. They can be operated in any way and are available in all colours.

High-Security Roller Shutters

They vary in models, but the latest design models are completely stylish with uncompromisable security specifications. They are generally ideal for parking lots, garages, and malls. These shutters have a unique self-locking mechanism which can be controlled from anywhere by the owner. They are made from aluminium and also allow minimal visibility Contact us.

We offer a wide range of sophisticated roller shutters for all shopping centres. These roller shutters differ in sizes with ideal dimensions.



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