Glass and Glazing

Modern buildings are meant to tell stories, but how can each building tell its own story? That is by handing over the project into the right hands. ADV Contractors is a professional glass installer in the UK dedicated to transforming the aesthetic attributes of each building. We generally help your retail shop, commercial building, or house make a unique statement.

Glass and Glazing Installation in London

Glass is generally used for decorative purposes and its types range from crystal clear forms to tinted glass types. A combination of glass and aluminium is the commonest form of glass installation approach, but in the current era, frameless glass doors are a great designer approach. Due to its elegance and the sophisticated nature, glass is termed as a futuristic architecture approach with a growing application.

In the modern era, glass buildings happen to become a source of amazement since it suits the modern lifestyle. With that, glass is an automatic designer solution for retail shops, airports, malls, hospitals, and homes.

We at ADV are able to manufacture high-quality glass with specialized knowledge to suit your needs. We install any type of glass in a newly established building or replace glass in emergency cases.


Glass And Glazing Installation We Offer

  • Toughened Glass

We manufacture durable toughened glass, which is five times stronger than ordinary annealed glass and its thickness ranges from 6mm to 19mm. This toughened glass is ideal for frameless doors and facades, shower cubicles, table tops, and side panels.

  • Frosted Glass

For superior privacy, frosted glass is a way to go. It is most commonly utilized to design bathrooms, offices, changing rooms, or as desired. Even though used for privacy, frosted glass offers the same aesthetic level like any other glass. More on that, it can be toughened and customized to meet client needs.

  • Laminated Glass

We offer a wide range of strengthened laminated glass with specialized PVB interlayers. These interlayers provide a high level of intrusion resistance since it is hardly broken. Our laminated glass is ideal for glass lift walls, swimming pools, windows, facades, and overhead Glazed Doors.

  • Tinted Toughened Glass

We offer you a chance to decorate your home or commercial building with coloured float glass. Tinted glass minimizes heat passage and a good insulating approach. This glass can be heat strengthened, laminated or produced in a variety of colours.

  • Wired Glass & Fire Glass

Glass with an inlaid wire mesh is commonly used as a fire retardant in elevators, schools, hotels, and restaurants. It can generally withstand heat and hose streams, although not strong like unwired glass. We also offer a variety of fire glass designed with higher integrity.

Why Use Glass to design Your Commercial Building or Retail Shop?

Glass has got a pool of applications with superior benefits that include glazing, acoustic measures, insulation, and modern aesthetics. We manufacture branded glass products with any fitting systems desired according to your wish. Contact us!