Durable & Excellently Designed Shutter Curtains ‘Laths’

Roller shutters doors are becoming more trendy generally because of their myriad advantages. Shutters, in general, are made of curtains or lath used to secure the openings. These curtains can be installed on reception desks, bars, shopfronts, servery counters and so on.

They are basically installed for security purposes whilst maintaining through-vision for advertising agendas. ADV Contractors is dedicated to manufacturing high quality and reliable shutter laths with;

  • High tensile strength
  • Durability
  • Dimensional Accuracy
  • Maximum Security
  • Easy Maintenstrongce

Types of Shutter Curtains ‘strongths’ We Offer

We present to you a wide range of bespoke and contemporary shutter laths that will offer a package of durability, desired aesthetic, and maximum security. Here they are;

1. Solid Laths

These laths offer no visibility and therefore, reliable for maximum security. Shutters with solid laths are generally ideal for industrial units and backyards. These galvanized steel shutters can come as powder coated to protect them from becoming dull and another fact about them is that they hardly rust.

2. Insulated Window Laths

These are the ultra-modern type of window shutters ‘laths’ and they offer high security. They are elegant and can offer sophistication to the building. We manufacture and install insulated window laths ‘shutters’ in all forms of sizes and shapes.

3. Punched Hole Laths

Punched hole shutters are designed with rectangular cut-out lathes that allow by-passers to see what’s inside. Retail shops that desire to showcase or exhibit their merchandise can opt for punched hole laths.

4. Grille Laths

Grille laths are made of aluminium connectors and metal bars, side locks and covers a combination that makes a rolling grille. These offer maximum visibility into the retail shop.

5. Pin Hole Laths

Pinhole laths are an elegant and decent form of commercial shutters available in aluminium, steel, and iron. They transparent shutters and allow up to 40% of visibility into the shop when rolled down.

These can be manually operated or operated with the help of a remote or a switch.

We avail various types of aesthetically designed shutter curtains which are certainly cost-effective and reliable security solutions.

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