Toughened Glass Shopfronts


Transform Your Shopfront With Toughened Glass

Transform Your Store’s front With Toughened Glass Shop front

Toughened glass is an aesthetic designing approach suitable for all commercial buildings, shopping mall and high street retail shops. To create a sophisticated appearance, it is important to choose right glazing depending on your business. Toughened glass shop fronts in London provided by ADV are undoubtedly a modern source of glamour with a unique style.

This glass can be tinted, presented in single or double pane installation, customized or designed to meet modern standards.

Why use Toughened Glass to Modify Your Shop?

There are a number of reasons as to why toughened glass should be your number one choice when modifying your shop front. These include;

  • Sophistication

Toughened glass offers a high qualitative attribute that consists of all modern aesthetics. Toughened glass is completely attractive and stylish to allure your customers and create a fancy feeling. By installing toughened glass, you will certainly transform your business’ inner environment, hence making the atmosphere worth staying in.

  • Highly Durable

Toughened glass is highly resistant to corrosion, harsh weather and minimizes damage in case of an accident. This toughened glass is automatically different from the other completely fragile and vulnerable glass types. With proper maintenance, care, and servicing, your toughened glass shop front will surely serve for decades.

  • Thermal efficiency      

Modern toughened glass is designed with aspects that provide superior insulation. Due to this, the use of double glazing is common to guarantee higher thermal performance in both domestic apartments and commercial buildings. We at ADV Contractors are able to provide high-quality toughened glass that will moderate the inner temperatures as desired to cut on your energy bills.

  • Security

Toughened glass offers a high level of durability, sustainability, and security unlike other glass types. This is because it is made with an uncompromisable thickness of 10mm or 12mm or higher. Toughened glass shopfronts are generally very difficult to break  which makes them ideal for external facades. Security to your property can also be doubled with the help of 5-lever security locks, sensors, and alarms.

  • A Wide Application

Toughened glass has a complex application that includes hotels, offices, restaurants, grocery shops, malls, supermarkets, hospitals, beauty salons, pharmacies and many more. Toughened glass shop fronts can be completed with automatic doors, sliding doors, and swinging doors.

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