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Curtain Walling Systems are a modern tale of elegance and sophistication in the commercial sector. Any building finalized with a curtain walling system appears distinct and happens to become a source of amazement. As an expert in installing catchy curtain walling systems in the UK, we pioneer bespoke curtain walling systems manufactured according to the client’s specifications and structural requirement.

Modern Curtain Walling Systems

Contemporary curtain walling systems are manufactured following the standard catalog systems or are custom-made. A curtain wall is basically an aluminium-framed wall (thin) made with in-fills of glass, thin metal, and metal panels. The made framing is then attached to the building and the floor or the roof loads of the building structure are obviously redirected. The floor line of the building structure is made to receive the gravity loads plus the wind. With the right glazing attributes, a newly installed curtain wall system surpasses every initial expectation.

Curtain Walling System Types

As an expert in installing modern curtain walling systems, we hold a portfolio of modern systems with superior glazing specifications. Additional concerns such as acoustics, aesthetics, shadow boxes, back pans, support, safety, and durability are all evaluated before the lightweight façade (curtain walling system) is installed.

  • Stick Systems

With these curtain walling systems, the frame and the glass are individually connected together. They generally consist of bespoke aluminium grid of vertical elements, also known as the mullions plus the horizontal elements referred to as transoms. The mullions and transoms are manufactured from extruded aluminium bespoke material, cut and fabricated, whereas the grid is assembled and attached to the structure on site.

  • Unitized curtain Systems

These are composed of large units manufactured and glazed in the factory. When presented at the construction site, the units are then hoisted onto the anchors connected to the building. This type of system is highly durable due to its superior tolerances of fabrication in a climate controlled environment. Unitized curtain Systems are a core component of the external envelope of the building with a higher performance.

Furthermore, curtain walling systems are also classified as Water managed or Pressure-equalized systems. Pressure equalized rain screen systems generally block all the forces that can drive water across a barrier. With the water-managed systems, no effort is made to create an air barrier or spandrel unit, and with that, a large amount of water is directed into the system which must be eliminated.

Key Specifications of Our Stylish Curtain Walling Systems

  • Innovative designs
  • Visually appealing
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • High insulation
  • Highly durable
  • Cost-effective
  • Overall safety
  • Maintainable

We are fully dedicated to our clients when it comes to installing new curtain walling In london or replacing the damaged exterior façade. We take time to understand your desires, evaluate the environmental conditions, and lastly manufacture your curtain wall as desired. Key specific features such as beauty, durability, innovativeness, and style are kept in mind while manufacturing and installing your curtain wall system.

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