Scissor Gates

Contemporary Scissor Doors & Gates

Contemporary scissor doors and gates have a wide application and a variety of them is available on the market. However, it takes excellence and expertise to manufacture and install these highly classified doors for commercial buildings or domestic apartments.

Unlike in the past where scissor doors or gates were generally installed in commercial and industrial applications for security reasons, these same doors are highly demanded in the domestic and retail field for;

  • Doubling security
  • Aesthetic purposes
  • Act as patio doors
  • Secure sliding glass



Retail and Commercial Applications
Modern scissor gates and doors come in various types which include

  • Folding scissor gates
  • Storefront scissor gates
  • Shopping centres scissor gates
  • Security scissor gates
  • Window security scissor doors
  • Bay Door Folding scissor gates
  • Divider folding scissor gates


Material & Size

To withstand wear and tear, our scissor doors and gates are custom made and certainly meet global standards. ADV contractors scissor gates are generally made from high-duty steel which is strong and resistant to harsh weather and corrosion. Their side rails are thicker to 14 gauge and the gates fold back when not in use.

During the day, they allow maximum light and fresh air into the room, while during the night, they offer undoubted resistance to burglars and unauthorized entry. Our scissor doors and gates come in numerous sizes to fit all industrial, commercial, retail, and domestic applications.

They come with high security, aesthetics, style, and sophistication to suit every building.

  • Height- 24″ up to 96″ including castor wheel
  • Width- 16″ up to 130″



Residential Scissor Doors & Gates

We offer undoubtedly strong scissor doors and gates made from either toughened steel or marine-grade aluminum for all residential applications. Because of the extensive range at your disposal, we are certain that you will make the right decision when it comes to installing scissor doors at your apartment.

These doors and gates come along with various security systems and locks, full frames for maximum strength, rivets, and many more contacts. Their features include;

  • High Performance
  • Cold rolled bar framing
  • Easy to operate
  • Maximum resistance to external forces & harsh weather
  • Numerous options