How are electric shutters installed? Which contractors to consult?

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How are electric shutters installed? Which contractors to consult?

The installation of the shutters plays an important role in the long term operation of the shutters. If the installation is not proper, then the shutter will commence deteriorating at the earliest stage. In that case, you need to take the services for the roller shutter repair in London.

In today’s blog we shall be getting to know the steps of how to install the electricity operated roller shutters:

  • Step 1:

This step includes the marking of the roller shutter at its horizontal position and the position just above the window. As soon as you are done with the two markings, make each window levelled down vertically. The predominant benefit of outlining is that you can decide the ideal entry point for both the power drill and the mains power.

  • Step 2:

This step suggests the measurement of the head box’s depth. The marked distance at the horizontal position should be measured to the last point from each side.

  • Step 3:

Now the third step includes marking the ideal and the wanted position of the shutter at the wall. Make sure, the marks which you are marking at the front side of the wall should also be traced at the back of your wall. Since it is the drilling time, the size of the screw will serve for the determination of the hole size.

  • Step 4:

You must have been knowing that the headbox is always drilled with the required holes. The legs of the guide are now all to get slid. Your initial step will be the removal of rings made up of rubber (the rings that were holding the plastic bags). The shutter should be meticulously placed on the outline. The drilling of the holes will be dependent on the type of walls whether it is masonry or timber.

  • Step 5:

This stage demands meticulousness. The shutter will be placed right beside the window. Once it is done, the drilled hole will help the motor in feeding the cable. No sooner than the shutter is raised to the outline tab you should screw it tightly.

  • Step 6:

Each of the guides should be placid with the curtain’s bottom bar.

  • Step 7:

Now here comes the interesting step in which you have to call the electrician.

  • Step 8:

You might be seeing some of the buttons at the motor end. Each of the buttons has a certain important task to do in regards to the position:

  • White button – For the setting of down limit

  • Yellow button – For the setting of the upper limit

  • Step 9:

No sooner the curtain comes in the down position than you should be fixing the headbox to the wall.

Whom to take help from?

If you find the installation a difficult or cumbersome task then you should be taking assistance from the professionals of the Apex Build Contractors who will not only help you to get the quality installation but they will also make you happy with the cost-effective installation service.